Preparing your Home for Winter

Be prepared. Winter weather can pack a wallop and it’s best to have your home winter-ready. Here are a few tips:

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Save on Your Car Insurance with Winter Tires

We are enjoying lovely fall weather, but we all know winter snow and ice is on the way. Did you know you can improve your safety on the road and save money on your insurance by installing winter tires on your vehicle?
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Save On Your Auto Insurance Immediately

Save 10% immediately on your auto insurance and up to $25% on renewal

Let us show you how you can start saving.
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First-time Driver Looking For Insurance? What You Need To Know

I’ll never forget the day I received my driver’s licence at the tender age of 16. To my parents, it was just a teen rite of passage but to me, it marked an entry into the ranks of adulthood. You would have thought that I had been given a pair of wings instead of occasional access to my father’s Chevrolet. [Read More…]

Protect your home and property

One heavy rainstorm can destroy a basement. If this happens, do you know what coverage you have? Many policies have limited water damage coverage. Call Morison Insurance for professional advice and tips to avoid such losses. We are here to help.

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