Cyber Coverage for Businesses – What You Need to Know

Cyber Coverage is an important aspect of insurance that every business requires in the digital era. Regardless of size, any business is vulnerable to a data breach if they keep and store digital information pertaining to their customers.  A stolen laptop, lost company phone, computer hackers – are all situations that can lead to a privacy breach that can be costly for a business owner.

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Are You Properly Covered for an Automobile Accident?

In the event of an automobile accident the last thing you want to worry about is if you are properly covered for all aspects of the accident…sure your car maybe covered but are you and your family properly covered in the event of an injury???

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Home Renovations: Why You Should Notify Your Insurance Company

Thinking about doing some home renovations? Your Homeowners’ insurance policy is designed to cover the replacement cost of your home in the event of a total loss. If you make significant upgrades to your home this may increase the replacement value of your home, which may require the replacement cost to be adjusted. Please notify your insurance broker of any home renovations to make sure you are properly insured.
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Water Damage

Disasters can happen anytime! Water damage has replaced house fires as the most expensive source of home insurance claims.

The following are different types of water protection coverage’s offered by most insurance companies:

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Cash Crop Insurance: What You Need To Know

If you’re a Cash Crop Farmer we understand that your farm is both your home, and your business.  A Cash Crop Insurance Program is designed for a wide range of farming operations such as corn, wheat, beans, rye, hay, fruit, vegetables, ginseng and many more.

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