Details Matter When it Comes to Insurance

At Morison Insurance we want to make sure you are protected and we will try to save you money any time we can. When we are aware of happenings, we will recommend and quote additional coverage’s to ensure proper limits are in place for each individual client’s situation.  When we are not aware of life changes – such as a new driver in the family or a renovation – please share these details with us. Sharing is good. It can mean the difference between being properly protected and not.

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What to Know When Insuring ATV’s and Off-Road Vehicles

When you love to ride your ATV or off-road vehicles, you want to make sure you are adequately insured!
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Personal Liability Insurance Coverages

What would you do if someone got injured because of your negligence? If you are in an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage to someone else you could be held liable, which is why it is important to carry adequate liability insurance.

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Insuring Your Condo

Condominiums are like snowflakes, no two are the same! When looking to insure your condo, be sure to obtain the definition of your Standard Unit from the condominium corporation. This will help your broker in determining what/how much coverage you will require. What type of condo do you have? Apartment/townhouse style/freehold? Each condominium type will require different information to your broker so they can assist you properly on how to insure it.

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How to Handle a Hit and Run

As a vehicle owner and operator, being involved in an automobile accident is never a pleasant experience. The situation can be made worse if the other driver refuses to stop or flees the scene, leaving you to deal with the damage to your vehicle.  This is classified as a Hit and Run.  In some cases the damage may only be minor, however, it can result in a major inconvenience. Here are a few tips in the event that you find yourself in this unfortunate scenario.

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