Insurance For All That Sparkles

Protect Your Jewellery and Other Treasures with the Right Insurance

Are you planning to give a special gift to an extra special someone? Maybe an engagement ring? A gorgeous pair of earrings? A once-in-a-lifetime necklace or bracelet?
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Car Insurance Travel Tips

Travelling South This Winter?

Here are some auto insurance tips to help ensure you have a worry-free vacation.

Whether you are travelling for a short vacation or you are a snow bird enjoying a long winter escape, there are a few things you should think about.


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National Home Fire Safety Week

Be Careful in the Kitchen

With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the time of year that your kitchen is being used the most. You may be planning a home cooked holiday meal with your family or baking cookies for Santa. Please ensure that you are taking preventative measures to stay safe in the kitchen.

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Why Do You Need Business Insurance?

Businesses may have a variety of assets such as vehicles, office space and equipment, inventory, employees, a partner and, most importantly, yourself. To protect these assets and to protect your business from potential risks, you should consider getting insurance.
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Is There a Difference Between an Insurance Broker and an Agent?

We are asked this question often. It is sometimes believed that these two jobs are the same. Both brokers and agents sell insurance, right? Right. But there are important differences, difference that can have an impact on you.

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