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Condo Insurance

Even though your building is owned by a condominium corporation, condo owners still require personal insurance coverage to be fully protected.

If you are a condo or cooperative unit owner, you own only the inside of your unit. The outside of the unit is owned by the condo association or the cooperative. Morison Insurance will review your condominium or cooperative bylaws to evaluate your insurance needs. Condominium Insurance protects:

  • Your personal contents
  • Upgrades to your apartment that you have made – commonly called betterments and improvements – that are inside the unit such as better carpets, flooring and kitchen/bathroom upgrades, etc
  • You against personal liability for injuries to visitors or for damage you accidentally cause to your neighbours' property
  • Special assessments by the condo corporation. Occasionally the condo corporation may assess all the unit owners an amount to cover significant repairs to the condominium building if it has been damaged and the policy is not adequate. Your condo policy with Morison Insurance covers this too

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