Farm Fire Safety Tips

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12 Ways to keep your farm safe:

1. Do not allow smoking in or around barns, or near any flammable farm materials.

2. Situate manure piles at least 10 metres away from barns to reduce the chance of combustion.

3. Ensure hay and straw are properly dried before storing it in the barn.

4. Keep dust and cobwebs to a minimum.

5. For horse barns, leave horses haltered and hang halters and leads on stall doors for easy evacuation.

6. Regularly check all appliances, wiring, electrical equipment and heating units to ensure everything is in safe working order.

7. Repair/replace any frayed or damaged wiring as soon as it is identified.

8. Never refuel engines inside a building or while the engine is running or hot.

9. Extension cords should only be used temporarily and should be removed after use.
10. Always have a working fire extinguisher readily available.

11. Have a water source handy so small fires can be controlled and doused quickly.

12. Store potentially flammable solutions, solvents, gases, liquids and fertilizers outdoors to prevent fire from accelerating.

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