What You Need To Know About Home Insurance In Oakville

Oakville Home Insurance

Are you in the market to purchase home insurance in Oakville? Protect your biggest investment with home insurance that is personalized to your specific insurance needs so that in the event of a loss, you will be properly protected. When working with our Morison Insurance Brokers, know you and your home will be in good hands. We are here to help!

What Home Insurance Do I Need In Oakville?

When purchasing home insurance in Oakville, be sure that you have enough coverage should you need to repair or replace your home in the event of a loss. Everyone’s insurance needs are different, but our Oakville brokers would typically recommend a homeowner’s comprehensive policy. Comprehensive coverage will protect your home and everything under your roof subject to exclusions and special limits. Our insurance brokers also recommend adding sewer backup and overland water coverages to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Since everyone’s insurance needs are different, we recommend speaking directly with one of our Oakville home insurance experts to provide you with a home insurance quote tailored to your specific needs.

How To Choose The Right Home Insurance In Oakville.

When shopping for home insurance in Oakville, be sure to consider the following:

  • Find the Right Coverage. There are many different types of home insurance packages, the key is to find the right coverage for you. Do your research to find out how much coverage you need to ensure that, in the event of a loss, you will not need to pay out of your own pocket. Speak with your broker to decide which coverage works best for your insurance needs.
  • Do you Require Special Limits? Do you require adding increased limits on your policy? Like bikes, jewellery, art, or anything of value?  Using an insurance broker will help you find those insurance companies that offer these limits or are able to add additional coverage.
  • Shop Around. When looking for insurance you want to make sure you are getting the right coverages at a competitive price, so it makes the most sense to work with an insurance broker, because brokers have the option to shop multiple insurance companies to compare coverage, limits and rates – we are not tied to an insurance company! Sit back, relax and let us do the shopping for you!

Finding the right home insurance can be difficult because there are so many options. Consider using an insurance broker who can help you choose the right home insurance coverage for you.

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Insurance brokers highly recommend that all homeowners have home insurance. It is affordable and has so many benefits, should you need to use it. Do not leave yourself stuck when you need it most. Protect your family and your largest investment.

  • It protects your dwelling and other belongings. Your home is the biggest asset you own, and you want to ensure it is properly protected. In the event of damage to your home due to high winds, fire, theft, and more, your homeowners insurance policy will pay for the repair or replacement of damage done, rather than you having to pay for it out of pocket – which could cost thousands of dollars. Most home insurance policies cover your contents inside your home like clothing and furniture. If there is damage done to your dwelling, contact your broker or the insurance company to file a claim.
  • It offers you liability coverage. In the event that you, a family member or a third party (like your neighbor) gets injured on your property, your liability coverage on your homeowners’ policy can help you pay for any legal fees or medical bills should they arise.
  • Your mortgage lender may require proof of insurance. If you have a mortgage on your home, many lenders will require you to have proof of insurance before funds are released. In the event of damage to your dwelling, your lender will want to ensure you will not need to pay out of pocket.

Home Insurance in Oakville

Where To Buy Home Insurance In Oakville?

You can buy home insurance in Oakville from our Morison Insurance Brokers. We have over 70 insurance professionals that are here to ensure your biggest investment is protected.

When you are a client of Morison Insurance, you will have a dedicated broker. Your dedicated broker is here to service your policies, answer any questions you may have and provide you insurance expertise. We also do the shopping for you! We shop dozens of Ontario’s leading insurance companies to find you home insurance that meets your needs with proper coverage at a competitive rate. Leave the shopping to us!

How Does Home Insurance Work?

Home Insurance is used to protect your biggest investment. In the event of a loss to your home, replacing or repairing the damages can cost you thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars. This is where having insurance comes in handy.

With home insurance, those damages to your home can be put through as a claim to your insurance company instead of paying this money out of your own pocket. In the event of a loss, contact your insurance broker or call your insurance company and they will begin your claims process.

Home insurance is one of the best things you can purchase, in hopes that you will never need to use it.

When Is Home Insurance Required In Oakville?

Although home insurance in Oakville is not required by law, it is highly recommend that every homeowner has home insurance. Your home is your biggest asset. It’s where your family lives, where you make your memories and have valuables. In the event of a loss, like a fire, you would be properly protected with homeowner’s insurance.

In most cases, mortgage companies will require you to have fire insurance and extended coverages on your dwelling. Finances will not be released until you have proof of home insurance.

How To Choose A Home Insurance Company In Oakville?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a home insurance company in Oakville:

  • Shop around for coverage. No insurance is the same. Consider getting quotes from a handful of home insurance companies so you can ensure that you are getting the best coverage at a competitive rate.
  • Consider an insurance broker rather than a direct writer. Leave the shopping to us! We have the ability to shop dozens of Ontario’s leading insurance companies to help you find the best home insurance in Oakville that fit your specific needs. We have your best interest at heart. We are here to provide you with insurance expertise and answer any questions you may have about your home insurance policy. We also have discounts that you could benefit from!
  • Look at their reviews online. Another great way to choose a home insurance company in Oakville is to look at their online reviews. Real reviews from real customers about real experiences.

Where To Find Home Insurance Reviews In Oakville

You can find reviews on home insurance in Oakville by looking on Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages or Yelp. When looking for home insurance in Oakville be sure to check out the insurance company's or brokerage's online reviews. Real reviews and experiences from real customers. This can give you a glimpse of the type of experiences you may receive with these companies.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

What is covered by your home insurance is dependent on the type of home insurance policy you have. Not all home insurance policies are the same. Some perils that are covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies that are considered sudden & accidental include:

  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Weather related damage such as wind damage, or a fallen tree
  • Water damage from internal sources (flooding is not covered)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage caused by snow or ice on the roof.

Most home insurance policies will also cover damage to landscaping, fences, and garages/sheds on the property.

Most home insurance policies will also provide liability coverage in the event that you, a family member or a third party get injured on your property. This would cover any legal fees or medical bills that may arise from the incident.

Speak with one of our brokers to review your current policy to view all of your home insurance coverages.

What Does Home Insurance Not Cover?

What is not covered by your home insurance is dependent on the type of insurance policy you have. Here are a few common things that are not covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy:

  • Homeowner neglect (lack of maintenance to your dwelling)
  • Mold
  • Bad workmanship
  • Flooding
  • Earth movement
  • Acts of war

Unfortunately, it is not possible to protect your home from all possible perils, however, our insurance brokers are here to ensure that you are covered against the most common perils.

When To Shop For Home Insurance In Oakville

If you currently have home insurance, the best time to shop for home insurance in Oakville is around the time your policy renews. If you cancel your policy with an insurance company mid-term, there could be a charge to do so.

If you are in the process of purchasing your first home, the best time to shop for home insurance in Oakville is before the closing date of your new home. In most cases the mortgage company requires that you have proof of a homeowner’s insurance policy before the closing date.

Home Insurance in Oakville

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost In Oakville?

The cost of home insurance in Oakville can range between $800 to $2,000 annually based on multiple factors. Some of those factors include the location of the dwelling, the style of home, if there have been any recent updates, the type of coverage you choose, if there is a mortgage on the property, and much more. Ensure your home in Oakville is properly protected with the right homeowner’s insurance.

To get an accurate quote for home insurance in Oakville, fill out the quote form on this page or contact our brokers to ensure you, and your largest investment, are properly covered.

How Can You Save On Home Insurance In Oakville?

You can save on home insurance by bundling your home and auto policies with the same insurance company, having discounts applied to your policy, or shopping around for insurance. Here are some more ways to save on your home insurance in Oakville:

  • Having updates done to your home (roof, electrical, plumbing)
  • Having a monitored alarm system
  • Having a good credit rating
  • Based on your insurance history
  • Being claims-free
  • Having multi-car/multi-properties
  • If you are a non-smoker
  • Being mortgage-free
  • And more!

Car and Home Insurance In Oakville

Did you know that Morison Insurance offers home AND auto insurance? A great way to help save money on your insurance is to bundle your home and auto insurance policies. A lot of people ask “If my home and auto insurance is with the same brokerage, does that count?” The answer is no. You are only eligible for a bundling discount if your home and auto insurance is with the same insurance company.

It is also a great idea to have all of your insurance with one company, or brokerage, so that if you have any questions or need to make any changes – like an update of address – you will only need to call one place.

What Is The Claims Process For Home Insurance?

In the event of a home insurance claim be sure to contact your broker and they will notify your insurance company and will walk you through the claims process. If the loss is serious (example; your home is on fire), call the insurance company directly to start the claims process. When you speak to your broker or the insurance company directly, an adjuster from the insurance company will contact you and start the claims process. Depending on the size/impact of the claim it can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks for the claim to be closed. It is also likely that your premium will not be increased when you file your first claim if you have claims forgiveness added to your policy.  Speak with your broker for options.

If you have your insurance with an insurance broker, they have the ability to step in and speak with the insurance company directly to resolve any issues or to move things along in the claims process. That’s another benefit of working with an insurance broker.

Where To Get A Home Insurance Quote In Oakville?

You can get a quote for home insurance in Oakville from our Morison Insurance Brokers. Contact us by phone or start the quote process online by filling out the contact form on this page. Our brokers will begin working on your home insurance quote and will reach out to over dozens of Ontario’s leading insurance companies to find you the right coverage for your Oakville home. Then, you can choose which quote works best for you and which insurance company you wish to have your insurance with. But remember, our Oakville Insurance Brokers are here to assist you whenever you need us. Start protecting your biggest investment today!


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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