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Install Winter Tires and Save on Your Car Insurance

Installing Snow Tires in the Winter

We are enjoying lovely fall weather, but we all know winter snow and ice is on the way. Did you know you can improve your safety on the road and save money on your car insurance by installing winter tires on your vehicle?

It’s True!

Since January 2016 the government has required insurance companies to offer an insurance discount to drivers with winter tires on their vehicles. Morison Insurance is pleased to offer this discount because we believe drivers deserve a price break when they install winter specific tires which improves everyone’s safety on the road.

Here Is Some Good Stuff to Know When Buying Winter Tires:

  • Know Your Tires. Snow tires have a logo of a three-peaked mountain with a snowflake inside on them indicating they are made to work in snowy and icy conditions. The threads are also wider and longer so they can manage snow and provide better performance in cold weather. For best performance make sure all four of your tires are snow tires. All-season tires are made for different driving conditions – not snow and ice.
  • Best Time to Buy. Mid-Fall is a great time to buy and install your tires for the winter. If you wait for the snow to arrive, you have waited too long. You will also likely find that many garages are too busy to install your tires right away. There will definitely be other drives who, like you, have waited too long.


Save on Your Auto Insurance

Save on your car insurance by installing snow tires. Contact our brokers at Morison Insurance to review your auto insurance policy and provide you with all the discounts that you deserve.

This blog is provided for information only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Please call our Morison Insurance brokers at 1-800-463-8074 for more information.

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