I was just in touch with Debbie-Jo and I just wanted to say that she was one of the loveliest girls that I have ever dealt with. Just kind, business-like, but kind. And I was really impressed with her and I think it should be brought to your attention. You don’t always get attention at the different places when you go in… You just feel wanted that’s all. So thank you very, very much.

Hamilton customer
Personal Identity Theft Insurance

Personal Identity Theft Insurance is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada. Last year, more than 11,000 Canadians were victims of identity theft. If you make purchases or payments online, you could be at risk.

Personal Identity Theft coverage is very affordable, with an average annual premium of $30-$40. This coverage can be added to your current property policy by endorsement. It protects customers for the cost associated with repairing their financial history or resolving problems resulting from identity theft, including legal representation, loss of wages, loan reapplication fees and replacement of stolen identification.

Some companies also offer 24/7 legal assistance to their customers. Contact Morison Insurance Brokers today to discuss your options for adding this important insurance coverage today.

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