I was just in touch with Debbie-Jo and I just wanted to say that she was one of the loveliest girls that I have ever dealt with. Just kind, business-like, but kind. And I was really impressed with her and I think it should be brought to your attention. You don’t always get attention at the different places when you go in… You just feel wanted that’s all. So thank you very, very much.

Hamilton customer
Tenant's Insurance

Tenant's Insurance covers the following:

  • Personal Property
  • Improvements and Betterments you may have added to the interior of your unit
  • Additional Living Expenses that you incur while your apartment is being repaired.
  • Personal Liability and Medical Payments – even if you don't own the building you can still be sued by someone who is injured while visiting you.
  • Voluntary Property Damage – in the event that you damage someone else's property you can offer to pay for damages and claim the cost against your own policy.

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