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Travel Insurance

Anyone travelling outside Ontario, whether it be a trip to Florida or just across the border for a one-day shopping trip, needs Travel Insurance.

In most situations OHIP will not cover all the medical expenses related to a medical emergency occurring outside of Ontario. The most obvious expenses are those actually related to medical services. Typically these are higher in other jurisdictions. OHIP will only cover what the cost would be if the services were provided in Ontario. The shortfall can be staggering.

In addition to medical treatment, other costs can be significant. These can include, to name just two, the cost of emergency transport home and the cost of having a caregiver travel to where the patient is located.

We have insurance that covers all of these expenses as well as many others related directly to a medical emergency.

There are other sources of Out of Province Travel Insurance. For example some employee group benefit plans provide some coverage. Also, some credit cards offer some protection. But, it is important to keep in mind that coverage may be limited. Also, travelers relying on these often are not aware how pre-existing medical conditions can affect coverage. At Morison Insurance we review each situation carefully to insure proper coverage is placed.

One last point: Trip cancellation insurance is something that can be added to most travel insurance packages. This can offer significant financial protection particularly in the situation where a large non-refundable deposit has to be made prior to the trip start date. This is often the case with cruises.

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