I had an experience a while ago with the last lady that managed my account. Any other agent I had spoken to about high rates had a canned response that “everything goes up”. Your agent called me back and explained the pricing for boat, house, auto and quad. Some of the rates had gone down and your company had shopped around in some cases for better rates. When she was done I had a thorough understanding of my policy pricing and understood some options to reduce those premiums.

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Business Interruption Insurance

There is more to business insurance than just insuring liability and direct loss to your property. If a significant loss were to occur, such as a fire that causes serious damage to your business property and restricts operations for several months, the severity of your loss would be amplified by loss of income during that time. Property insurance coverage would indemnify you for insured direct damage claims to contents, stock, equipment and buildings.

Business Interruption Insurance coverage is needed to provide coverage for your lost earning capacity during the period of restoration and for a period of time once you are back up and running. Within Business Interruption Insurance, there may be options for additional coverage extensions for neighbouring and contingent properties.

Perhaps you are a manufacturer and dependent on one supplier for a unique part. If that supplier were to have a fire and not be able to operate, your own business operations would be interrupted and you would lose income. The Contingent Properties extension within Business Interruption Insurance provides limited coverage for your lost income. If you would like more information and a quotation on this valuable coverage, contact our insurance experts.

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