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Commercial Insurance Ontario Business Owners Can Count On

We believe that business insurance is one of the most important investments you can make for your company, no matter its size. With access to dozens of leading business insurance providers in Canada, our experienced Ontario commercial insurance brokers take the time to shop around for the right business insurance. Ontario business owners reap the benefits by saving money and protecting their financial investment with the necessary insurance coverage. Our professional team also knows how valuable your time can be as a business owner, which is why we provide you with a competitive quote as quickly as we can.

When it comes to options and products for commercial insurance, Ontario residents can expect the following and much more from Morison Insurance:

Small Business Insurance Experts

We don’t just offer coverage to the big businesses, we also help small companies find the right business insurance. Ontario brokers at Morison Insurance care about the success of your business, no matter its size! Whether you employ 100 people or one, we want to ensure your business is properly covered. We can find you competitive business insurance options for your small business in Ontario. We can also provide you with an additional bundle quote that takes care of your commercial auto insurance and business contents coverage, leaving you to get on with business—minus the worry.

What Is Ontario Commercial Insurance?

If you own a business of any type or description, it's important to understand commercial insurance. Ontario business insurance is a type of coverage that protects business from a range of insured losses that may occur throughout the duration of normal business operations. There are a range of different coverages available, depending on your business insurance provider. However, most business insurance policies include a commercial property insurance policy and a general liability insurance policy at a bare minimum. The former protects your physical space and its contents from perils such as theft or a fire. The latter protects you from being sued if a third-party alleges bodily injury occurred on your premises or that their property was damaged because of your business operations.

Who Needs Business Insurance in Ontario?

When considering business insurance, Ontario business owners should understand that it is critical for their company's long-term survival. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you belong to, this type of coverage provides coverage for financial costs associated with unforeseen events that could otherwise be financially crippling without commercial insurance. Ontario business owners or service providers who wind up in a lawsuit, for instance, because they're accused of professional negligence or misconduct could face serious legal fees, defense costs and more. Alternatively, if your tools break down because of internal circumstances, replacing them can be a huge financial burden. This can put your company in the red. But if you have the proper coverage, you don't have to worry about these types of costs.

Why Get Business Insurance In Ontario?

You are not legally obligated to have business insurance. Ontario small business owners sometimes choose to skip out on this important step as a result, thinking it will save them a bit of money while they get their business off the ground. But in fact, the opposite is true. If something goes wrong—a fire breaks out at your shop or you're sued because of a problem with your product—then you're actually paying a lot more for damages out-of-pocket than if you had invested in a business insurance policy.

Not to mention, Ontario commercial insurance is relatively affordable. While the cost varies depending on the size, scale and type of your business, some companies offer plans starting from $650.

What Are My Coverage Options?

No matter the niche or type of business you own, we have the right company insurance to suit your needs. If they need affordable business insurance, Ontario residents can rely on our experienced brokers to help them get the coverage they need all year round. That way, it’s there when you need it—and even when you don’t—because when it comes to commercial insurance, Ontario policyholders never know when they might need it the most! We offer business owners a full range of commercial coverage options, including the following potential components of business insurance. Ontario business owners can contact Morison Insurance today to get the right answers to their business insurance questions.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This is one of the most basic coverage types that business owners should consider adding to their policy for business insurance. Ontario commercial general liability is essential for protecting you from two perils: third party bodily injury or property damage. For instance, say a client is walking up to your storefront and slips on ice directly outside your door. They fall and get injured. They could sue you for third party bodily injury. Alternatively, say you are an interior designer working in a client's home. While working on the house, a priceless piece of art is damaged. Again, you could be found liable for the damage. These legal and settlement costs can be a real strain on entrepreneurs who don't have the right commercial insurance. Ontario residents who have questions about commercial general liability or business insurance can call 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our Ontario business insurance experts.

Commercial Automobile And Fleet Protection

This type of business insurance is not always included in a basic insurance policy, but it is essential for anyone who uses a commercial vehicle at work. Perhaps you transport tools using your truck, or maybe you own a fleet of vehicles that are essential to your business operations. It's very important that you have the right commercial auto insurance coverage. Often, small business owners who use a personal vehicle for company use don't always realize that if something happens during the course of normal business operations, they are not covered under a typical personal automobile insurance policy. This is because the use of the vehicle has changed. So, you need to make sure you have a commercial auto insurance policy.

Fleet insurance is especially useful for business owners that have multiple company vehicles. It helps make your business insurance more streamlined by ensuring the vehicles in bulk, as opposed to individually. This also offers additional benefits, such as enabling any of your employees (who can legally drive) to operate the vehicles. If you have questions about commercial auto or business insurance call 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our experts about commercial insurance in Ontario.

Commercial Property Insurance

Without a doubt, commercial property insurance is essential for business owners who operate out of a brick-and-mortar building. It protects both the building and its contents from a range of perils, including fire, natural disasters, vandalism and theft. There are many benefits to having commercial property coverage as part of your business insurance. Ontario policyholders will typically be able to recoup the costs of repair and/or replacements—up to the policy's limits. This can help you save significantly. More than one enterprise has gone out of business because they suffered a significant loss and were unable to recover financially. Contact Morison Insurance today to get answers to your Ontario business insurance questions.

Professional Liability Insurance

Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance is essential for protecting your business from lawsuits alleging that a client or third party lost money because of something you did or did not do. Usually, these suits allege misconduct, poor professional advice, negligence, failure to deliver goods as promised and reneging on a contract. Lawsuits are painfully expensive and stressful. Facing one on your own can be exceptionally costly, both financially and emotionally, without the support of the right commercial insurance. Ontario business owners who invest in a business insurance policy can get the protection they need to avoid long, drawn-out and financially taxing lawsuits. Give us a call at 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our business insurance experts.

Business Interruption Coverage

If your company experiences a loss that inhibits your usual operations, it's very useful to have business interruption coverage on your business insurance. Ontario policyholders with this type of coverage can get help to financially stay afloat while unable to run their business as normal. While different Ontario commercial insurance companies offer different policies, usually business interruption insurance can help cover the cost of expenses such as rent, utilities and payroll. Contact us today to get answers to your business insurance questions.

Product Liability Insurance

Do you sell products or parts that manufacture products? Then you should have product liability insurance. This coverage helps protect you from lawsuits alleging a third party experienced damages because of your product. An example of this could be if you make beauty products and a client has an allergic reaction to an ingredient you forgot to disclose. Or, if you sell parts that are eventually used to manufacture another item—like a car or computer—and there is a problem with the parts you manufacture resulting in issues with the final product, you could end up in serious legal and financial trouble. But with product liability coverage on their commercial insurance, Ontario business owners are financially protected from having to pay out-of-pocket for legal costs and fees. Give us a call at 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our business insurance experts.

Farm Business Insurance

Farmers typically have very specific needs for their personal and business insurance. Ontario brokers at Morison Insurance understand these needs and can help you find the best coverage possible. Farm business insurance protects a farm's assets, including farm buildings, machinery and equipment, livestock, produce and more. It's important to note that a standard homeowner's insurance policy does not provide proper coverage for your farming operation. Contact Morison Insurance today to get the right answers to your questions about commercial insurance in Ontario.

Equipment Breakdown Protection

From computers to landscaping tools, if you rely on your equipment to successfully run your business, you should invest in equipment breakdown insurance. This business insurance coverage protects your equipment from sudden and accidental damage that occurs because of internal damage. It's important to be aware that equipment breakdown insurance does not cover damage that occurs from general wear and tear or poor maintenance. It's meant to replace the cost of your tools and equipment should they malfunction. Give us a call at 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our business insurance experts today.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Do you have a customer database, handle confidential personal information or deal with private financial information? If any of this valuable information is stored in your computer systems, it’s important to get cyber liability business insurance. Ontario business owners could land in serious trouble if a hacker stole all that confidential client information. Not only could you be sued, but the hacker might hold that information for ransom and try to extort you. With cyber liability coverage as part of their commercial insurance, Ontario business owners are financially protected from these risks. If you have questions about cyber liability or business insurance call 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our business insurance experts.

Pollution Liability Insurance

If you work with materials that have the potential to cause a polluting event, whether it's slow damage over time or a sudden occurrence, it's highly recommended that you include pollution liability coverage with your commercial insurance. Ontario business owners often don't realize that the materials they interact with on a regular basis have the potential to cause environmental pollution, but it's important to understand that even something that seems benign, like gravel or food products, could result in pollution if they end up in the wrong place in a large quantity. Not to mention that most business properties and operations use at least some toxic substances, even if it's just refrigerant in a commercial air conditioning system. If your business is found liable for causing environmental pollution, you can be forced to pay steep fines along with litigation costs, and pollution liability insurance covers those expenses up to the limits listed on your policy.

Party Alcohol Liability Insurance

Most companies will occasionally host a party for their employees around the holiday season or for a big milestone that the business has passed, and it's common for alcohol to feature at those events. There's nothing wrong with that, and it can foster good morale and comradery among all levels of the business, but it does expose the company to some liability issues that can be addressed with party alcohol liability coverage. If the company has a lawsuit brought against them that is related to something that occurred at the party under the influence of alcohol, this type of commercial insurance in Ontario protects you against the cost of litigation and may cover other expenses such as property damage restoration.

Directors and Officers Insurance

This business insurance is a type of liability coverage that is designed to protect members of your board of directors against allegations of wrongful acts such as alleged or actual errors, omissions, neglect of duty, misleading statements. Also known as D&O insurance, it provides funds for the legal defense of the board itself or individual members should they be required to defend themselves in court against such allegations. It applies to the board members of both for profit and non-profit boards, but generally doesn't apply to situations related to criminal acts, breach of fiduciary duties, or employment discrimination issues, among other exclusions. If your company has a board of directors, it's well worth considering including directors and officers coverage with your commercial insurance in Ontario.

Personal Liability Protection

Unlike professional liability insurance and commercial general liability business insurance, Ontario residents should note that personal liability coverage protects you from personal defamation and slander. It will cover legal fees and costs so that you can regain your good name. For instance, say an unhappy client leaves a nasty and unfounded review on Google that ends up costing you clients. You could have grounds to sue them if you can prove that the allegations are untrue. This will help you regain the faith of your client base and clear your name from the damaging allegations. Give us a call at 1-800-463-8074 to speak with one of our business insurance experts today.

Business Insurance FAQs

Do you have questions about commercial insurance? Ontario businesses such as yours are entirely unique and therefore they have unique needs. At Morison Insurance, we offer personalized service. We'll get to know you and your business before finding a range of competitive quotes offering the best coverage possible. While our brokers are always happy to chat, we've also answered a few commonly asked questions below.

Where Do I Get Small Business Liability Insurance In Ontario?

At Morison Insurance, our qualified and licensed brokers will shop around Ontario's top business insurance companies to help you find the best business insurance for your needs. We work hard for our clients every day, and have built relationships with all the province's top insurers. With our expertise in your corner, you can have peace of mind that you will get the best commercial insurance coverage for your unique needs.

How Much Does It Cost for Small Business Insurance In Ontario?

Most business insurance policies start at $650, however, there are many factors that determine business insurance premiums. Ontario brokers at Morison Insurance will ask you a series of questions to ascertain how much your business insurance will cost. The following factors will be taken into consideration when establishing the cost of your premium:

  • Business size and location
  • Years of experience
  • Annual and projected gross revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Business insurance claims history

Is General Liability Insurance For My Ontario Business Enough To Cover Me?

No, usually a general liability policy will not be enough to cover your Ontario business because it only covers third party bodily injury and property damage. There are many other risks that business owners are exposed to, including a fire breaking out in their place of business, lawsuits alleging financial damages due to negligence, financial losses because of equipment breaking down and more. You have invested a lot into your business. You should be able to sleep at night knowing you're protected from the worst-case scenario with the right commercial insurance. Ontario residents should always make sure they work with a qualified business insurance broker, such as the team at Morison Insurance, to find coverage that best suits their specific business insurance needs.

How Much Ontario Commercial Insurance Do I Need?

How much coverage you need depends on the size and nature of your business, and also how much protection you feel comfortable with. The more coverage you have, the better prepared you'll be from unforeseen risks. When it comes to determining the necessary coverage limits for business insurance, Ontario business owners should start by speaking with a qualified broker such as the ones at Morison Insurance. We'll work with you to establish your needs and demonstrate the different coverage options that are available to you. The choice is ultimately yours. Our job is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make an educated decision about your business insurance.

Does Business Insurance Cover Personal Use?

Typically, business insurance does not cover personal use. This means that you can't replace home insurance with commercial insurance. Ontario residents who operate their business from home still need a home-based business insurance policy to protect their property, inventory and more. Even your personal vehicle needs a commercial auto insurance policy if you're using it for work-related purposes. Knowing where the line is drawn can be confusing, so we suggest that you speak with one of the experienced brokers at Morison Insurance to learn more.

Do I Need Business Insurance If I Work From Home?

No. With more and more Canadians working from home, many are wondering if they need business insurance. Ontario residents do not need commercial insurance in Ontario if they are the employee of a company and simply complete their work in their own home, as the company they work for is the party that needs the right commercial insurance. Ontario professionals only need business insurance if they have a business registered to their home as the sole business location. In this case, you should look into getting a home-based business insurance policy. If your company simply offers the opportunity to work from home, you do not need additional coverage.

Looking To Get The Right Commercial Insurance, Ontario?

Get your business covered with our affordable options for business insurance. Ontario brokers at Morison Insurance can offer you a competitive business insurance quote quicker than you may think! Give us a call today at 1-800-463-8074 or fill out the form on this page to get started with Ontario commercial insurance tailored to your needs. You'll be happy you did!

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