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Insurance for Professional Videographers

The videography industry is undoubtedly a fun and exciting field for those who want to flex their creative muscles. You get to script, film and edit videos containing many people, places and things. Whether you're immortalizing a couple's wedding day, getting a close-up of iconic landmarks where you show its most stunning detail to the public, shooting a vast cinematic live shot of a beautiful landscape, or simply making a video from your studio, you're someone who makes the magic of Hollywood happen. In addition, you have all the power and freedom to be your boss. However, with great power comes great responsibility. You no longer have an administration team taking care of a business's logistical matters. This means that, like with all sole proprietors, the burden of doing all that falls onto your shoulders.

As exciting as it is to have such a large variety of clients ranging from humble families to large businesses, you run all the risks of being a business owner. If your equipment or footage gets damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen,  the responsibility falls on you to handle it. Worse yet, a single incident could cost you enough money to destroy the business you've invested so much time, money and hard work into. With all this in mind, how do you prevent such a disaster from destroying your business?

What is Videographer Insurance?

Simply put, Videographer insurance is a type of business insurance that can provide coverage to protect you from the many risks of being a small business owner. Although we know you're taking as many steps as possible to protect your business, there will always be the risk of something going wrong. Videography insurance gives you the peace of mind that even if a worst-case scenario arises, your business will come out the other end fully intact and ready to grow.

Let's say that a memory card with sensitive footage of a client gets stolen, or you're wrongly accused of copyright infringement. Maybe your $2,500 camera gets stolen or damaged in the middle of a shoot, or someone trips over a cord you had lying around and tries to sue you for personal injury. Without basic coverage, any one of these could completely destroy your business if things go south. Videography insurance is a business insurance coverage that's catered to your specific needs.

Who Needs Videographer Insurance in Ontario?

Every videographer in Ontario who offers professional services is recommended to get videographer insurance to protect their business. Whether you are a freelance videographer, wedding videographer, drone videographer, commercial videographer, or travel videographer, you should have your business covered by videography insurance:

However, it is essential to note that this list is far from exhaustive. Our top-rated Morison Insurance brokers will work with you to ensure that you will be fully covered regardless of your needs, allowing you to focus more on the tangible aspects of the business you love.

Why is Videographer Insurance Necessary?

There are plenty of risks that come with being a professional videographer. In addition to all of the potential accidents that could damage your equipment and all the ways your equipment could injure someone else despite you taking every reasonable measure, there's the potential for theft and technical issues that could cost you thousands of dollars. You're also constantly at risk of being sued for things like property damage. This could end up killing a small business and would still do notable damage to one large enough to survive. Having videographer insurance will significantly lower the risk involved, and our brokers at Morison Insurance can give you the best coverage possible.

What is Covered by Videographer Insurance?

There are several different coverages that videographer insurance can provide. A wedding videographer will need a very different insurance package than someone who does video shoots for large businesses. Since no two videography businesses are the same, no two videography insurance packages will be the same, which can lead to lots of complications. Your Morison Insurance broker knows and understands how to navigate this complex field and will do their best to ensure you have the best coverage possible, allowing you to focus on the parts of your business you are passionate about.

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Videographers

Although a mouthful to say, this type of coverage can cover a wide array of unforeseen problems that a videographer could find themselves in. Let's say you're filming on location at a client's office, and a vehicle gets damaged during filming. Maybe when you're trying to set up a shot with your drone, the drone bumps into and breaks a small object you didn't know was there. Worse yet, what if your client or one of their staff members gets injured and decides you're to blame? Luckily, commercial general liability insurance covers a wide variety of situations about bodily injury and property damage while on both your clients' and your own property. If charges are pressed, this coverage could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in legal expenses and costly claims. Since nobody can reduce the risk of injury or damage to zero, it is crucial to ensure you are covered.

Errors and Omissions Insurance For Videographers

No matter how good you are at videography, some mistakes will be made. Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of; even blockbuster movies have minor errors. However, even though small mistakes generally don't bite you in the rear, larger ones can be catastrophic, even if you're not at fault.This is where the coverage of errors and omissions insurance comes into play. Let's say that a technical error occurs, causing you to lose your footage completely, or a shot that captures something confidential makes it into the final product. Even if untrue, negligence claims can destroy your small business, so it's best to take every possible measure to protect yourself from everything you can.

Commercial Auto Insurance For Videographers

A professional videographer would use their vehicle for their business for plenty of reasons. Some like to capture impressive moving shots with their videography equipment attached to their car. Others take shots of their vehicle, using it as a prop or other part of the production. Yet others may use a recreational vehicle to get footage that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Many just use their vehicle for the mundane but essential task of transporting their equipment from one location to another. However, all of the above have one crucial thing in common: they each use their vehicle for commercial purposes. Due to this, personal auto insurance will not cover them for accidental damage caused when operating their vehicle for business in the case of an auto accident or other unforeseen mishap. You require commercial auto insurance. If you are using your personal vehicle for anything related to your videography business, it is critical that you let your broker know so that you remain fully covered in case of a disaster.

Home-Based Business Insurance For Videographers

One of the simplest ways to gather footage is in the comfort of your home. Whether you're just taking some simple shots from around your home to act as your unique stock footage, or you have your home studio allowing for all sorts of creative endeavours, gaining footage from your own home sounds like a great idea. However, even this is not risk-free. Not all homeowners insurance policies will cover home-based businesses, as they are not commercial property. You will likely require additional coverage to protect your home and any equipment you store there, which involves keeping your broker up to date on any business conducted within your home.

Equipment Coverage For Videographers

Like most exciting businesses, videography has plenty of expensive equipment. Even if you're a fresh-faced, young freelance videographer, you will likely have a fancy camera or two, a tripod, a computer powerful enough to handle an overwhelming editing program, and multiple places to store back-ups of all your footage. Many videographers even have expensive mobile devices to support their business. The problem is how fragile a lot of this equipment can sometimes be. Water damage, pushing equipment too hard when moving it, or a bystander simply stepping on something by accident can cost a videographer such as yourself hundreds of dollars, and even if you do your best to prevent theft of your equipment, there's the constant threat of your stuff getting stolen. Having the right tools and equipment coverage can ensure that one of these incidents doesn't damage your business.

Cyber Liability Insurance For Videographers

One of the best parts of videography is the convenience of conducting large portions of your business online. However, this is not without many common risks. The personal information belonging to yourself, your employees and your clients is likely stored on your computer, as is much of the footage itself. With an increasing amount of cybercrime, the risks of someone trying to steal your files are very high. Commercial cyber insurance can protect you if your valuable information or footage gets stolen, protecting you from many legal costs involved in a possible disaster.

Business Interruption Insurance for Videographers

There are many different ways a videography business could be halted. You could have your equipment stolen or damaged, or something as simple as inclement weather could be enough to delay things long enough to cause severe problems on a location shoot. Business interruption insurance can cover you in situations like this, ensuring that you and your employees can pay the bills even if your business shuts down temporarily.

Do Drones Impact My Videographer Insurance?

Drones are certainly one of the most exciting aspects of videography. The impressive shots you can get from places that are high up, far away, or otherwise hard to reach gives them plenty of uses. When you add that they can capture high-quality moving shots, their value is easy to see. However, drones will impact your insurance policy, as they are not covered by default, and not insuring them is a considerable risk. Adding drones to your insurance plans can help protect against many things that could go wrong, such as claims of a third-party bodily injury or property damage, any possible damage to the drone itself, and theft.

How Much Does Videographer Insurance Cost?

Since every professional videographer and every videography business is different, it is impossible to give an exact cost. The cost of videographer insurance will depend on the needs, risks and details relevant to your videography business, as well as your insurance history, claims history and many other factors. Our top-rated brokers at Morison Insurance can help you get a videographer insurance quote that provides the proper coverages your business requires.

When Will You Use Videographer Insurance?

As explained above, there are many situations where a videography insurance policy will give you financial protection. Suppose you ever face a legal expense or have to replace a piece of equipment that was destroyed, damaged or stolen, or you experience a cyber liability issue. In that case, videographer insurance will cover you and ensure you can keep your business running optimally.

Where Can I Get Videographer Insurance?

You can get a videographer insurance quote from our top-rated insurance brokers at Morison Insurance. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We go the extra mile and treat our clients like an extension of that family. We genuinely care about ensuring you have the right coverage for your needs, so you can focus on making your videography business succeed while having peace of mind that you're adequately protected. Our dedicated, licensed brokers will work with you to establish the best coverage for your needs. They will continue to be there for you as your needs change and your business grows. Get in touch with us by calling 1-800-463-8074 or by filling out the form on this page. We look forward to speaking to you about your videography business.


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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