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Insurance for Bricklayers and Masons in Ontario

Brickwork is a classic for a reason—it's durable, long-lasting, solid and gives any building a classic charm all its own, as long as it's done correctly by an experienced bricklayer. This certainly isn't a task for amateurs if you want to end up with a structure that will stand the test of time and look great throughout the decades, whether it's a brick patio, brick house veneer or dozens of other possibilities.

If you work as a brick mason, also known as a bricklayer, or own a bricklaying business, you already know there's plenty of potential for something to go wrong during construction or, in some cases, long after construction is complete. You can be held liable for those issues and the eye-watering expenses that come along with them. That's why your bricklaying or masonry contractor business needs protection from financial losses that are offered by the right bricklayer insurance. Ontario bricklayers and masons can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have robust insurance coverage by calling the reliable brokers at Morison Insurance and starting a bricklayer insurance quote.

What is Bricklayer Insurance?

Bricklayer insurance, which is also known as masonry insurance, is a type of business insurance package designed to address the liability and property coverage needs of bricklayers. If you, your employee or a structure you created cause injury, damage or financial loss, you could have legal action brought against you to recover the associated expenses, and that would mean paying out of your own pocket for a wide range of litigation costs such as court fees, attorney fees, legal mediation and, if you are found liable, settlement expenses. Suppose you have the right type of liability coverage as part of your bricklayer insurance package. In that case, your insurance company will offer you compensation to deal with those costs so you can get past it and get back to business as usual.

Conversely, you may also experience problems leading to costs not associated with liability. If your tools, equipment, commercial property, and more suffer damage or destruction due to an insured peril such as a fire or theft, the repair, replacement or restoration cost to get your business up and running again can be prohibitive. The property insurance portions of your bricklayer insurance package can get you the necessary funds to take care of those costs, whether it's restoring your commercial property after a fire or replacing expensive equipment that was stolen from a job site.

Who Should Have Bricklayer Insurance in Ontario?

Anyone who lays bricks to construct a structure or surface should have the protection from financial setbacks that come with the right bricklayer insurance. Ontario professionals of all types need the proper business insurance to address the perils they are most likely to encounter in their line of work, and of course, bricklayers are no exception. No one can prevent or avoid all possible mishaps and mistakes that could lead to serious financial consequences. Still, with a robust package of bricklayer insurance policies, you can rest easily knowing you're covered if something goes wrong.

What Types of Coverages Are Available for Bricklayer Insurance?

As a masonry professional, you'll naturally benefit from basic coverages such as commercial general liability insurance and tools and equipment coverage. But some additional types of insurance can also be crucial to protect you and your business against the costs of lawsuits and property damage, including cyber liability insurance, builder's risk insurance and products and completed operations coverage.

This range of insurance types exists to protect you from having to pay money out of your own budget for litigation costs or damage restoration, repair and replacement costs, but the types of perils covered vary according to the specific coverage. It cannot be obvious to determine which options are best for your particular insurance needs and which insurance company or companies offer the best combination of coverage for your bricklayer insurance, which is why many people end up underinsured or overinsured. The experienced brokers at Morison Insurance have the experience to start a bricklayer insurance quote and all the coverages that can come along with it, and we know exactly how to search out the best possible coverages in the right amounts so you can rest assured that you have the bricklayer insurance you need to address the perils you're most likely to encounter in your career. Here are some types of coverage you will likely need as part of your bricklayer insurance in Ontario.

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

While it's true that almost all types of professions need commercial general liability insurance whether they work at their own commercial property or not, it's especially critical for bricklayers to have CGL insurance as part of their bricklayer insurance policy because they typically do most or all of their work at their clients' properties and working at a property that doesn't belong to you exposes you to additional risk of being liable for third-party property damage and third-party bodily injury.

For example, you're constructing a brick veneer for a client's building, and they come to the building site to see how the work is progressing. They trip over a toolbox you left lying in the main pathway and injure themselves. The client may then sue you to recover expenses such as their medical and living costs while they're unable to work due to injury. Or, imagine you're working on a renovation to an existing home and carrying some heavy materials through to the area being worked on when you accidentally pivot at the wrong moment and destroy a costly piece of artwork. Your general liability coverage may provide you with funds to cover the cost of replacing the destroyed materials or items up to the limit on your bricklayer insurance policy, or if you have legal action brought against you, your insurance company will provide you with compensation to handle litigation costs such as legal fees and monetary settlements.

Professional Liability Insurance

Not all bricklayers need professional liability insurance, but if you provide design services or professional advice to your clients, it's an essential addition to your bricklayer's insurance package. Professional liability is also sometimes known as errors and omissions insurance, and it provides liability coverage for litigation costs should you have legal action brought against you for alleged professional negligence, bad advice, contractual breaches or failure to deliver a promised service. This means your professional liability risk level increases if you are involved in more parts of the overall process, such as designing a structure rather than just building it. That's because offering professional advice or services increases the risk that you could produce a faulty design or otherwise act negligently in a way that causes financial loss for your client or another party.

Products and Completed Operations Coverage

Products and completed operations insurance is a specific type of CGL coverage that can be added to your bricklayer's insurance and is recommended for most masonry professionals. Products and completed operations coverage differs from basic commercial general liability coverage in that it prevents you from having to pay your own legal expenses if you have legal action brought against you because your work allegedly caused damage or injury after it was completed, as opposed to injury or damage caused when you're actually working for your client.

This could occur if, for example, you build a brick fence for a client, and several years after the completion of the project, part of the wall collapses and causes severe damage to an expensive vehicle that was parked next to it. If the collapse was alleged because of negligent or faulty workmanship that you delivered, they could sue you to recoup the expense of restoring the damage to the wall and replacing the damaged vehicle. Suppose you have products and completed operations coverage as part of your bricklayer insurance in Ontario. In that case, your insurance provider will prompt you to give you the necessary funds to cover attorney fees, settlement expenses, and other costs associated with the lawsuit up to the coverage limits on your policy.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Equipment and tools insurance is a type of commercial property insurance coverage that applies specifically to your tools and equipment. This coverage is particularly important for tradespeople such as bricklayers because you perform your work at your clients' properties and, therefore, must transport your tools and equipment to job sites and possibly leave them there overnight. This gives thieves an opportune time to steal important items unless measures are put in place to prevent the theft of tools and equipment. Standard commercial property insurance does not protect your equipment and power tools when they are in transit or on the job site, which is why this particular coverage is such a necessary addition to your bricklayer insurance policy. 

Builder's Risk Insurance

If you are working on a large construction or renovation project, especially one you are fiscally responsible for prior to the hand-off of a finished project, you may need a builder's risk insurance policy. This coverage is often, but only sometimes, held by a property owner or home-building company. It's also called course of construction insurance because it provides property insurance coverage for a building while it is still under construction or major renovation. If an insured peril such as a fire or natural disaster destroyed the partially-finished project and building materials that were on-site but not yet used, you could get the insurance compensation necessary to deal with repair, replacement and restoration costs, as well as potentially soft costs such as re-surveying, permitting and more.

Additional Types of Insurance for Bricklayers

Is Bricklayer Insurance Legally Required?

Like most varieties of business insurance, bricklayer insurance coverage is not a legal requirement in Canada, with the obvious exception of commercial auto insurance. But even if the government doesn't make it mandatory, you can still run your business safely and effectively with the right masonry insurance or bricklayer insurance. Ontario masonry professionals should know that many clients and contracting companies will simply refuse to work with a bricklayer who cannot provide proof of insurance. That means you need to show a certificate of insurance that lists the right coverages and coverage limits to avoid being forced to walk away from lucrative contracts and leave them to be snapped up by your competitors.

But it's also essential to keep in mind that insurance for bricklayers exists for a reason—to protect you from the very high costs that can come along with being sued or having your commercial equipment and property destroyed. Most people and businesses don't have hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars available to handle those types of expenses, so one single mishap or a disaster that is entirely beyond your control can cause a huge financial setback and potentially spell the end of your business. Why take that risk when you can transfer the risk to your insurance company and sleep soundly at night, knowing your business success is secured now and in the future?

Where Can I Get A Bricklayer Insurance Quote in Ontario?

Suppose you need bricklayer insurance quote. In that case, the first step is to pick up the phone and call 1-800-463-8074 to speak with a qualified insurance broker at Morison Insurance. We'll find bricklayer insurance coverage perfectly tailored to your unique business insurance needs so you can rest assured that you and your business are prepared to deal with whatever life sends your way.


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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