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Farm Insurance

Your farm is your business, your livelihood, and your home, so you want to protect it with the best coverage available
  • Protect your livestock, produce, and expensive farm equipment against an unexpected loss
  • Secure your home and your farm structures against damage caused by fire, wind, water and more
  • Know that you are covered for legal liabilities and farm liabilities if you are sued
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Ontario Farm Insurance

Farming isn’t just a business; it’s a way of life. Our farm insurance experts know this. You know your farm. We know insurance and know that ever farm is unique and there are risks specific to each operation. Whether your farming operation is large or small, Morison Insurance can protect your most prized investment. Farm insurance packages include coverage for your home, farm buildings, machinery and equipment, livestock, produce, loss of income, farm liability and limited pollution liability.

Morison Insurance specializes in serving farming communities across southern Ontario. Get in touch with us to speak with a farm insurance specialist in your local community. With the right insurance from our team, you can keep your focus on what you love – your farm.

What Is Farm Insurance?

Farm Insurance is an insurance policy that extends coverage to barns, buildings as well as other structures located on your farm. Farm Insurance covers liability for the farmland and operations. The policy can also cover contents used for your farming operations such as farm machinery, equipment, tools and parts.

Who Needs Farm Insurance?

If you are farming in Ontario, you should have a policy that properly protects your farm and farming equipment. A standard homeowners insurance policy may not give you proper coverage for your farming operation and farm equipment.

Farm Insurance Coverages to Consider

Farm Liability Coverage

Farm Liability coverage is an important part of a farm insurance policy because it covers the production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products.

Most farm package policies include both farm and home liability which covers liability for your farming operations and your personal liability.  Some common farm liability exposures are:

  • Third party bodily injury or third party property damage on your farm property
  • Animals that escape, animal bites
  • Public access to animals
  • Slow moving farm machinery on the road
  • Custom farming, drying and spraying for others
  • Boarding of someone else’s animals
  • Pollution discharge
  • Other operations aside from farming being performed on the farm, such as storing other’s boats, trailer etc.

Your farm liability coverage can also be extended to the following risks:

  • farm locations that you own or rent
  • custom farming you may do
  • pick your own activities that you offer on your farm
  • roadside stands
  • showing your animals at fairs or exhibitions
  • boarding other people’s animals at your farm
  • if you allow the public onto your farm for such things as syrup bush tours or adventure farm activities

To ensure you have the property farm liability coverage in place be sure to review all of your farm operations and activities with your insurance broker.

Limited Farm Pollution Liability Insurance

An optional coverage that can be added to a farm package policy is Limited Farm Pollution Liability.  This covers legal liability for third party damages caused by an unexpected and unintentional pollution discharge from a structure or container.

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