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Photography Equipment Insurance for Personal Use in Ontario

Whatever you do with your camera, from springing out of bed early to get the perfect birdwatching shot to chronicling the lives of your nearest and dearest family members, there's no doubt that your photography hobby relies on some costly pieces of equipment. If your camera suffers damage or is stolen, you won't take any more photos until it's replaced—and replacement can be prohibitively expensive.

When you get the right photography equipment insurance package with help from the reliable brokers at Morison Insurance, you can enjoy using your camera and gear as much as you want without worrying about what you would do if it were broken or stolen. Our experienced team will provide you with a photography equipment insurance quote that provides the ideal coverage options for your equipment and financial protection for all the other aspects of your life.

What is Photography Equipment Insurance?

Photography equipment insurance is a type of personal insurance for cameras that is typically part of a homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy. If your camera and/or gear were stolen or damaged to some degree, your camera gear insurance carrier would provide the funds necessary to replace them with items of a similar value. That allows you to take your camera out into the world and use it to your heart's content while at the same time maintaining your peace of mind knowing that if something does happen, you'll be able to get that equipment replaced (or repaired, in some cases) and get back to enjoying your hobby. Photography equipment includes the body of your camera, of course, but it also can include components such as:

  • External flashes
  • Lenses
  • Detachable LCD screen
  • Shutter mechanisms
  • Batteries
  • Tripod or monopod
  • Other accessories

Why Do I Need Photography Equipment Insurance?

Anyone who owns expensive equipment like camera gear should protect their investment with the right photography equipment insurance. Ontario amateur photographers need their cameras to pursue their passion, and having ample financial protection for your photography gear is a must so you can have peace of mind knowing you'll be able to get back to shooting as soon as possible following a theft or damaging incident.

Regardless of how cautious and careful you are, there's simply no way to avoid every disaster, accident or mishap that could potentially occur while you're using your camera—and trying to avoid or prevent all those things that might go wrong would take all the spontaneity and enjoyment out of life. Sometimes you have to make that leap to get the most out of your time—or to get the absolute perfect shot that will go down in history as your personal masterpiece. When they're backed by the expert brokers at Morison Insurance and the right photography equipment insurance coverage, Ontario's amateur photographers can challenge themselves to achieve new heights and take the necessary risks to meet their goals without having to fear the consequences of what would happen if something didn't pan out exactly how they were picturing it.

What is Included With Photography Equipment Insurance?

The types of perils covered by photography equipment insurance vary according to the policy and the insurance provider. Still, the standard baseline for a comprehensive policy is coverage for theft, vandalism and some types of accidental damage. There may be conditions and limits to that coverage—for example, theft from unattended vehicles is not always covered, while theft from your home or a mugging would be. Other common issues that may or may not be included are accidental drops, where you fumble your camera, and it slips out of your hands, and water damage in general.

However, you want photography equipment insurance that covers theft from unattended vehicles, accidental drops, water damage and much more. In that case, it may be possible to get it, and it may be a relatively simple matter of scheduling it on your existing policy. Talk to your Morison Insurance broker about how you like to use your camera so they can begin a photography equipment insurance quote to ensure you have protection against financial loss for all the perils you and your camera are most likely to encounter.

What is Excluded From Photography Equipment Insurance Coverage?

Because photography equipment insurance is a type of contents coverage, it only applies to funds for repairing or replacing stolen or damaged equipment. It doesn't cover expenses associated with a personal injury incurred while using the equipment and doesn't apply to liability costs in the event of third-party property damage or bodily injury. But the good news is that your home insurance already includes liability insurance coverage for those scenarios.

Does My Home Insurance Policy Protect My Photography Equipment?

If you already have a homeowners or renters insurance policy, your camera equipment and other portable electronics would typically be covered by the content insurance portion of your home insurance policy to some extent. It's worth noting that this coverage will only apply to photography equipment for your personal use, not for business purposes—if you use your camera to generate income, you will need to cover it with photographer business insurance. However, there are some circumstances where your camera and associated gear may only be covered up to a specific limit that doesn't meet their total replacement value or is not covered. It depends on your coverage type and any particular limits your insurance provider has imposed. The two significant considerations when determining whether your gear is covered by your home or renters insurance content coverage are whether your coverage is comprehensive or broad and if your coverage has a particular limit.

Comprehensive or Broad Form Home Insurance

Your existing home insurance is probably a comprehensive policy, which is the most common type. Comprehensive coverage means that all your personal belongings are included under your contents insurance except for any items that are explicitly excluded from your policy. There may also be some items that may also have special limits applied. Speak to your Morison Insurance for more information. So, as long as your camera and gear aren't listed as excluded (and they typically wouldn't be), your comprehensive coverage applies to photography equipment insurance. However, Ontario residents with a broad policy have a type of home insurance in which everything is excluded from the contents coverage except for the items that are explicitly included. If you have a broad home insurance policy, your camera equipment is covered only if it is specifically included in the policy.

Is There a Particular Limit for Photography Equipment?

Another potential factor in whether you have adequate photography equipment insurance coverage on your existing home insurance policy is special coverage limits. Some insurance providers have a particular limit for specific equipment, such as photography gear. That limit may be lower than the amount you would have to pay to replace your equipment with the same items or items of a similar value. An example is if your gear costs $5,000, but your insurance provider has a particular limit of $3,000 for photography equipment. Those who love top-of-the-line camera gear know that a single lens can easily exceed $3,000 and that they're delicate enough to be smashed by a short fall to the ground. If your equipment was stolen or damaged and had to be replaced entirely, you would get insurance compensation up to the $3,000 particular limit, and you would be responsible for paying the remaining $2,000 or would have to settle for replacement equipment with a lower cost.

If your policy does include a particular limit for photography equipment insurance, speak with an insurance expert at Morison Insurance about additional coverage to ensure that you have full financial protection for the total replacement cost of your camera gear, so you don't have to pay out of pocket or accept a lesser alternative replacement option. Also, an expert broker can begin a photography insurance quote today if your policy doesn't include enough coverage.

Does My Coverage Apply When I'm Outside of Ontario?

Most comprehensive contents insurance includes worldwide coverage, meaning your photography equipment insurance likely applies in other provinces and countries around the world for the same insured perils as it does here in Ontario. Suppose your camera is stolen in Paris or gets damaged in Johannesburg. In that case, you can file a claim with your insurance carrier and get compensation to replace or repair it if feasible and cost-effective.

Do I Need to Get an Appraisal Done for Photography Equipment Insurance?

Some insurance providers require an appraisal before you can add an endorsement for photography equipment insurance. In contrast, others only require you to disclose the models and other information without needing an appraisal. Contact your broker and ask about the need for an appraisal to find out more, keeping in mind that you ideally want to get replacement costs for the equipment you own.

How Much Does Photography Equipment Insurance Cost?

The costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the necessary coverage limits, your risk exposures, the nature of the equipment, the insurance provider and more. Still, it's generally far more affordable than people expect. If you need additional coverage for photography equipment insurance added to your existing homeowners insurance policy, for example, an endorsement can be included for a very reasonable cost. In exchange, you can sleep easily at night knowing you will have full access to the camera equipment you need, no matter what happens.

Where Can I Get A Photography Equipment Insurance Quote?

When you need help finding the best photography equipment insurance to protect your valuable items for your unique needs, look no further than the licensed, reliable brokers at Morison Insurance. The team at Morison Insurance strives to make every customer feel like they can trust us to provide friendly customer service that goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today at 1-800-463-8074 to speak with our award-winning team.


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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