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Personal Cyber Insurance

Protect Yourself from Hackers and Scam Artists

  • Protect your smart home, computers, appliances and mobile devices from cyber extortion and scams
  • Know you’re covered from cyber and technology risks
  • Online and data breach protection included

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Ontario Personal Cyber Insurance

Your private data is just as important as your home, vehicle, and personal belongings. Therefore, why would you leave it unprotected? Many homeowners are unaware of cyber risks until it is too late. Your personal information is just as important as your personal assets, for that reason, you need the right protection from the exposures that arise in modern connected life.

Cyber Attack

Cyber Attacks can happen in multiple ways such as opening an attachment in an unknown email, downloading online software, or clicking on an add. Exposure to malware viruses can be costly and time-consuming. It is essential to have protection against loss of account funds or unauthorized access to personal data, and have coverage for recovering and restoring devices. Additionally, Personal Cyber Insurance provides you with assistance and protection for dealing with cyberbullying, including attacks preventing you from accessing your home, disrupting small business operation, or threats to release personal information.

Online Fraud

The online world can be tricky with scammers using various tactics for trying to gain access to your personal information. Personal Cyber Insurance protects you against the times you weren’t able to tell fact from fiction. It provides coverage against losses due to identity theft, illegal bank and credit card transfers, phishing schemes, and other deceptions. Additionally, you will receive assistance for resolving these issues.

Cyber Extortion

You might think that hackers only target large corporations or businesses. However, it is not uncommon for ransomware attacks to happen to anyone regardless if using a home computer or servers found in businesses and federal agencies. Ransomware provides a threat for damaging, disabling, or denying you access to files on your devices and systems. With Personal Cyber Insurance, you will have professional assistance and coverage for dealing with ransomware attacks.

Data Breach

Storing addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive information on a device is convenient. However, even basic information can be dangerous if the data gets into the wrong hands. Personal Cyber Insurance will provide coverage in the event of loss, theft, or even accidental release of data stored on your systems. This also includes data breaches such as forensic IT and legal reviews.

What is Personal Cyber Insurance?

Personal cyber insurance financially protects you from the aftermath of a cyber attack or data breach. The coverage of this type of insurance policy will help you restore your systems to their previous state and recover any lost data. Personal cyber insurance also covers your liability in the event that other people’s information is stolen from you.

Who Needs Personal Cyber Insurance?

If you store sensitive information on yourself or others in electronic form for any reason you should strongly consider getting personal cyber insurance. This is especially true if you want to be protected from any breaches in data that pertain to someone else’s sensitive information. Such a release of information could lead to a law suit and thousands in legal fees. Ensure that you are not left paying for someone else’s crime.

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