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Insurance Protection For Your HVAC Business
  • Protect your business in case of lawsuits for bodily injury and property damage
  • Protect your HVAC tools and equipment
  • Guard your business income
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Ontario HVAC Contractors Insurance

As an HVAC contractor (also known as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor), you help customers select heating or air conditioning systems for their homes, commercial buildings, or farms. You also provide specialized heating, ventilation, or air conditioning services.

Your business requires HVAC contractors insurance tailored to meet your specific needs. Just as it is essential to choose the right systems for your customers, it is crucial to select the right HVAC contractors insurance for your business.

What is HVAC Contractors Insurance?

HVAC contractors insurance is crafted to your specific requirements. Some coverages you will want to consider include insurance for your building(s), office contents, stock, loss of business income, tools/equipment, crime, and commercial general liability. Depending on your business’ size and coverage needs, you may want to purchase some or all of these coverages.

It is especially important that all HVAC contractors carry commercial general liability coverage. This will defend your business in the event of a lawsuit against the company for bodily injury or property damage. Bodily injury or property damage could be a result of something you or an employee did on the job or as a result of work already completed.

Who Needs HVAC Contractors Insurance?

All HVAC contractors need HVAC contractors insurance, whether you run an owner-operator business with no employees or you have many employees.

In most cases, to secure an HVAC contract, you must provide proof of insurance. You don’t want to miss out on a contract for your HVAC business because you don’t have HVAC contractors insurance.

Additional HVAC Contractors Insurance Coverages To Consider

Employers Liability

HVAC liability insurance will protect your business if an employee is injured on the job, and it is determined your business is responsible for those injuries. This would provide coverage if workers' compensation does not cover the injuries. This is especially important with HVAC contractors because your work is done with dangerous gases and electricity where injuries could occur.

Contractor Tools and Equipment

Protect your HVAC tools and equipment from things such as fire and theft with HVAC contractors insurance. For the coverage to apply to your tools and equipment brought to job sites, they must be on a separate tools and equipment coverage floater. You want to make sure your investment in tools is protected, as these items can be costly to replace.

Installation Floater

An installation floater on HVAC business insurance will provide coverage for stock and materials while in transit to a job site or at the site waiting to be installed. If you have HVAC material and equipment at a client’s property waiting to be installed and it is stolen, you want to be sure you are protected from financial losses.


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Get Your HVAC Contractors Insurance Quote in Minutes
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