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Ontario Painters Insurance

Painting contractors are much-needed specialists in today’s busy world of residential and commercial construction and renovating. Whether you are painting a house or a large development, painters insurance is essential.

Painting contractors are hired to do all sorts of projects, each involving risks, such as working at heights, spilling paint and other chemicals, and more. Injuries and property damages to customers can cause significant financial loss for painting contractors. Commercial general liability coverage for painters protects your business and livelihood in case of property damages or bodily injuries to a third party.

Painters also need to protect their premises, inventory, vehicles, tools, and more. A variety of painters insurance coverages are available to meet your painting business’ needs.

What Is Painters Insurance?

Painters insurance is put in place to ensure your business is properly protected against any potential risks that may occur while you are working. Painters insurance protection often focuses on two things: Commercial general liability and protecting property.

Commercial general liability protects you, your business, and employees if a customer claims you have done something negligent that caused damage to their property or bodily injury. These claims can have high financial costs.

Protecting your business’ property in case of loss, damage, or theft. Theft, in particular, is a significant concern. There is a high theft rate of vehicles and/or trailers in the contracting industry, and your auto insurance will not cover your tools and equipment if stolen.

Who Needs Painters Insurance?

Every painting contractor should have painters insurance. Whether you are an owner-operator or have many employees, mishaps such as falls, damaged windows, stolen tools, cyber breaches and spills can occur.

Painters should also consider insurance for their shop, stock, commercial vehicle(s), and more.

Here are some other considerations:

  1. Many customers ask for proof of insurance before hiring a painter.
  2. If you are bidding on painting contracts for government, commercial or institutional projects, commercial general liability insurance is mandatory.
  3. Painters doing exterior spray painting face additional risks. For example, if the wind carries paint in the wrong direction, it may damage properties or vehicles and may result in lawsuits against you.

Additional Painters Insurance Coverages To Consider

Cyber and Privacy Breach Insurance

Provides advice and helps with expenses should you have a cyber or privacy breach. Examples include the loss of a phone containing customer information, or the hacking of your business’ computers.

Installation Floater

This covers materials (including labour), equipment, and personal property of your own or others while in transit or being installed.

Tools/Equipment Floater

This covers loss or damage to your tools/equipment when they are not at the premises listed on your policy, such as at a customer’s home.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This covers vehicles and trailers when you are travelling or moving stock to a job site.

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This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

Get Your Painters Insurance Quote in Minutes
Commercial Insurance
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