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Yoga Teacher Insurance

Yoga is increasing in popularity. This makes sense, as the benefits of yoga are now coming into the public light. However, as with anything dealing with your health, things can get complicated fast since the art isn't as simple as grabbing a yoga mat and doing whatever exercises 'look' like they work. This is where the role of a yoga teacher comes in. 

Similar to being a fitness instructor or personal trainer, being a yoga teacher is a great way to keep yourself in shape and pass on your valuable knowledge and expertise to others. Seeing your students in your yoga class use the lessons you teach them to push their limits and improve their health can be very rewarding. However, it's not without risk. Advising others on such a nuanced topic that puts their body in danger opens you up to being legally responsible for many possible adverse outcomes, even if you take every precaution in the book. Luckily, you can purchase yoga teacher insurance providing legal and financial protection.

What Is Yoga Teacher Insurance?

Yoga teacher insurance, also known as yoga insurance or yoga instructor insurance, is a form of business insurance that provides legal and financial protection. Yoga teachers can use it to provide a layer of defence against paying out of pocket for expensive incidents. If, for example, a client suffers a bodily injury trying exercises that you recommended to them, or if a piece of expensive yoga equipment you allow your students to use while at your location gets stolen, you might end up on the hook for a large amount of money. Yoga instructor insurance is designed to give you peace of mind that your business can continue in the event of such an accident.

Who Needs Ontario Yoga Teacher Insurance?

Anyone who teaches yoga in Ontario needs yoga teacher insurance to protect them. Whether you're a yoga studio owner who works on the front lines yourself, a full-time individual yoga teacher who teaches students one-on-one, or a yoga instructor who teaches private lessons as a side hustle at your local fitness studio, you need insurance for your yoga business. Even if you're not in charge of a property and not nearly as vulnerable to situations such as a slip-and-fall, you still need to protect your business against various dangers that aren't always under your control.

Is Yoga Teacher Insurance Required In Ontario?

Although insurance for yoga teachers is not mandatory in the province of Ontario, yoga teacher insurance is recommended to protect your business from exposure. Threats to your business include equipment failure or theft, accidentally giving advice leading to a physical injury to your clients, and more. You can never be too careful when it comes to making sure you're covered.

What Does Ontario Yoga Teacher Insurance Cover?

Yoga teacher insurance covers many scenarios you could run into, such as a client getting injured or damage or theft of your equipment. Some coverages are optional, meaning that you can make a custom plan tailored to the needs of your professional services. For example, someone who wants to ensure that an entire studio filled with their own equipment is properly protected will want all of that equipment insured, but someone who only rents equipment will not need such coverage.

Many of these coverages can cover a variety of situations, which could complicate things when deciding which coverages you desire. If you need any help with these decisions, your Morison Insurance Broker would be happy to guide you through the process.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance provides a wide variety of protection, making it a valuable part of a yoga teacher insurance package. This can protect you if someone suffers an injury while under your care or following your advice. It can also cover the costs of property damage to a third party, such as a local gym or company you rent from. 

Errors And Omissions Insurance

Also known as E&O liability insurance or professional liability insurance, errors & omissions insurance protects you from facing possible financial ruin in case a mistake of yours ends up hurting a client. While you are undoubtedly a talented and knowledgeable yoga instructor, you, like all fitness professionals, must work with potentially conflicting information. The recommendations for optimal training are changing rapidly, and many clients have unique physical vulnerabilities that can lead to injury. This unique blend of information could lead to you unintentionally making a poor recommendation to a client, leading to injury. Errors & omissions liability insurance is designed to provide you with the financial protection needed to survive such a situation.

Commercial Property Insurance

Having commercial property insurance is necessary if you have your own commercial space. Many perils threaten any property, such as theft, vandalism, fire, and more; even if you take every step possible to prevent such a disaster, it's impossible to eliminate risk. If a neighbouring building catches fire, there is a strong possibility that fire will spread to yours. Any building can become the victim of a random robbery or vandalism. Additionally, there's nothing you can do to prevent natural disasters such as windstorms or lightning. 

It should be noted that each commercial property insurance plan will have different needs depending on their location. You should speak with your Morison Insurance Broker to find out more if you have any questions. 

Does My Yoga Teacher Insurance Cover Me At Any Location?

It depends. Different insurance companies will likely have different policies regarding different situations. If you are a yoga instructor running classes from home, you may face different risks than running one out of a studio. A home-based business, for example, will likely require additional coverage, as your personal home insurance policy might not cover business-related claims. If you operate from your own home, you run the risk of a client getting injured on your personal property, which can cause several complications. Having multiple locations can also impact claims as well as your insurance policy. If you have questions about your location(s) and how location may affect your yoga teacher insurance policy and claims, your Morison Insurance Broker will be happy to answer them.

How Much Does Yoga Teacher Insurance Cost In Ontario?

It depends. There are several factors involved when determining the cost of yoga teacher insurance. Different insurance companies will provide various quotes based on how they weigh multiple risks in different ways. If you want to know more about the cost of possible policies and get a yoga teacher insurance quote, please contact your Morison Insurance Broker.

Which Factors Determine The Cost of Ontario Yoga Teacher Insurance?

There are plenty of factors that can impact your yoga teacher insurance rates. They include the following:

  • Your location(s)
  • How experienced you are at yoga and teaching yoga
  • Safety precautions that you take to ensure the safety of you as well as your clients
  • Cost of any equipment that you may use, as well as any risks you take
  • The level of protection you desire
  • Your claims history
  • Amount of time you spend teaching
  • Whether or not you have any employees working for you
  • The number of clients you teach

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; each insurance company will weigh these factors differently in determining the cost of your yoga teacher insurance quote. Please get in touch with your Morison Insurance Broker to learn about more potential factors that could impact your rates.

How Can I Lower The Cost of Ontario Yoga Teacher Insurance?

You may want to lower your rates on your yoga teacher insurance quote. Luckily, you can take several steps to reduce risk, which may reduce the quotes you get from insurance providers. These include the following:

  • Increasing your deductibles
  • Safety precautions to minimize the risk of yoga injuries for you and your clients
  • Avoid claiming smaller losses to keep your claims history cleaner

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. If you want to know more, please speak with your Morison Insurance Broker if you are interested in learning further ways to save.

Where Can I Get A Yoga Teacher Insurance Quote?

You can get a yoga teacher insurance quote from Morison Insurance, a family-run business with commercial insurance experts. Our employees prioritize the service we provide to our clients, allowing you to navigate the tricky waters of figuring out the often confusing and complicated world of insurance. Please fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-463-8074 for a yoga teacher insurance quote and get the insurance coverage you deserve.


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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