For ten years Carole has been my Registered Insurance Broker. During that period communication with her has been very cordial. I have found Carole to be quite knowledgeable about the insurance business and she has given me sound advice on a number of occasions. I am pleased to state that Carole has provided very competent service and has “insured my peace of mind” on matters pertaining to home and auto insurance.

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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the coverage on property and auto policies which respond in the event that your actions cause someone to launch a law suit against you for bodily injury or property damage. For many years, $1 million liability limit was considered to be adequate, however, increasingly the courts are awarding sums above this amount. It is recommended the limit be increased to at least $2 million.

As well, in the event you have additional liability exposures such as volunteer work, community involvement or carpooling or, along with your home and auto, you have other property such as watercraft, cottage, or recreational vehicles, an Umbrella policy with coverage up to $5 million can be purchased for additional protection.

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