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Car Insurance in Hamilton

Finding the right car insurance provider can sometimes be a nightmare. But we make finding affordable automobile and car insurance easy. Our experienced auto insurance brokers will shop for you to help find you the right car insurance you need, at the right price. It’s no secret why we’re the leading car insurance providers in Hamilton - we make it easy, because it should be.

Out on the roads, accidents can happen, and you need to make sure when they do, you’re going to be ok. By law, we’re all required to have the basic level of insurance, however at times, this basic level of coverage isn't enough. When you rely on our team of experienced Hamilton insurance brokers, we’ll work closely with you to provide you with a high level of coverage that suits your needs and budget. The best part is, we’ll do all this within just minutes. With access to dozens of competitive insurance companies across Canada, we can find you the ideal insurance policy, in no time at all.

Affordable Car Insurance Coverage

We understand that no car or driver is ever the same, so why should your level of insurance coverage be? At Morison Insurance, we take the time to shop around to find the right coverage, at a competitive price, allowing you to save time and money on your insurance policy. We provide peace of mind to our clients in that we’ve delivered them the most competitively priced insurance coverage. We can also provide you with lots of ways to save on your car insurance policy, all while offering the following services:

    • Competitive car & auto insurance rates
    • Free insurance quotes within minutes
    • Tailored insurance packages to suit you

Where Can I Buy Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Car insurance is easy to organize and can be obtained quickly. Our insurance brokers specialize in providing car insurance in Hamilton and all of Ontario.

Whether you are shopping for a better price for auto insurance, you just bought a new vehicle or your existing policy is expiring soon, we will look after you.

Do I Need Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Car insurance in Hamilton is mandatory, as it is in all of Canada. Car insurance is required by law and there are substantial penalties for driving without valid insurance.

Apart from the legal penalties, it is a very good idea to have car insurance for your own protection. Imagine that you are in an accident, someone is seriously injured and both vehicles are extensively damaged.  Consider the costs, the legal problems.  Car insurance provides protection from financial loss from legal liability for bodily injury or damage to vehicles, theft or damage to your car and medical costs to treat injuries or related costs.

At Morison Insurance we will provide car insurance in Hamilton from one of Canada’s most outstanding and reputable insurance companies. We represent dozens of insurance companies and we will get quotes from many different insurers to get you car insurance.

How Much Does Car Insurance In Hamilton Cost?

Below is a table of several scenarios and approximate costs for car insurance in Hamilton. Keep in mind that depending on your specific circumstances, the price will vary.

You may qualify for a variety of car insurance discounts which will help to reduce your price, and our brokers will make sure you get discounts you are entitled to receive. Keep in mind that numerous factors are considered when calculating each individual’s car insurance and for this reason the prices vary from person to person.



25 Years Old

Living on Hamilton Mountain, clean driving record

$2,905 - $5,540

40 Years Old

Lives in Hamilton, drives a van, works in Hamilton


60 Years OldLives in Hamilton, retired, married, drives occasionally



How Is Car Insurance In Hamilton Calculated?

Car insurance in Hamilton is determined by the insurance company based on many factors such as your age, driving history, how often and how far you drive.

Among the others factors that determine your car insurance premium are if you previously had car insurance, what type of car you drive, if there are others who will be driving the car and their driving records, your claims history, and the age of your vehicle.

Our brokers can get you car insurance quickly. We will get details about you and your car, and get to work on several insurance quotes for you to choose from.

As with any kind of insurance, it is important to know what coverages, limitations and exclusions are in the policy you choose. Do you have enough legal liability insurance? Is the deductible right for you? Our insurance brokers are trained and provincially licenced professionals who know car insurance in Hamilton and all of Ontario. We will provide you with advice and choice when it comes to selecting car insurance.

How Do I Choose Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Choosing car insurance in Hamilton can be easy. Our goal is to make getting insurance simple and stress-free.  Morison Insurance will do your car insurance shopping for you.

You will get quick, personalized quotes to allow you to compare prices and coverages with confidence.  We will also do everything we can to maximize your savings. Further, as a customer at Morison Insurance, you will receive our award-winning service throughout the policy term. If you need to change your insurance - maybe you sell your car and get a new one or you want to add a new or additional driver to the policy – we provide personal, quick and professional service.

Car Insurance In Hamilton - Morison Insurance Ontario

Can I Get Same-Day Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Absolutely. Our team can arrange same-day car insurance. When you contact our brokers online, by phone or in person by visiting our office, we work on your quote immediately.

If you are buying a new vehicle, we can get your new car insured quickly. The car dealership will require proof of insurance before you take possession of the car. We know life is busy and we know your time is important. Count on us to get you car insurance in Hamilton quickly and with ease.

Why Should I have Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Car insurance is required by law, so you must have it to drive. But there is another important reason to have car insurance in Hamilton, Ontario, wherever you drive: protection.

As per Statistics Canada, there are more than 34 million registered vehicles in Canada. Of this more than 24 million are road motor vehicles. Ontario has 8.7 million registered road motor vehicles, the highest in Canada. That is a lot of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles using the streets, roads and highways.

Ontario law requires that all automobile insurance policies have third-party liability coverage, accident benefits coverage, direct compensation property damage coverage and uninsured automobile coverage.

There are also options to increase or extend the coverage on your policy beyond the minimums required by law. For example, the legally required coverage for third-party liability is $200,000 for coverage of injury or death in an accident you are responsible for and property damage.  The reality is that this limit is very low given the costs that can be incurred. Coverage can be increased to $500,000, $1 million or $2 million. Our brokers recommend at least $2 million in additional coverage.

How Do I Get The Best Rates For Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Working with an insurance brokers who will shop for you at several insurance companies will help you to get the best rates for car insurance in Hamilton.

Our Morison Insurance brokers shop at companies across Canada to get several quotes for you. As brokers we represent many different insurance companies. We do not work for these companies so we do not promote any one insurance company. We are independent. We work for our customers and our goal is to get drivers the best insurance value. When you work with an insurance broker you receive advice from licenced insurance professionals, you can choose among several companies with different prices and coverages to get the insurance that is right for you, and you will receive assistance in the event of a claim. When getting car insurance in Hamilton, it’s best to work with an insurance broker.

Car Insurance In Hamilton, Ontario - Morison Insurance

Are There Discounts For Car Insurance?

Yes, there are numerous discounts available for car insurance. Discounts can be limited or substantial and, if you qualify for several, these savings can add up. Here is a list of popular discounts:

  • Multi-policy discounts: Many insurance companies will provide a discount if they insure multiple policies such as insuring both your vehicle and your home. We would be pleased to provide quotes for both your home insurance and your car insurance in Hamilton. The multi-policy discount also applies to other policies beyond your home and car, such as insuring your car and your business.
  • Multi-automobile policy discounts: Much like the discounts noted above, you may save money by having more than one automobile policy with the same insurance company.
  • Claims-free discounts: If you have had no accidents and a clean driving record, you will likely get a discount. Further, if you had an accident but have had a clean record for about 6+ years, you can often qualify for a discount.
  • Make and model Discounts: If you drive a car that is safer and/or less likely to be stolen, discounts are available.
  • Completing driving school: If you have completed an accredited driving course, you may receive a discount.
  • Winter tire discounts: There are discounts for having winter tires on your car because these increase safety in winter driving conditions.
  • Electric and hybrid cars:  Not only are these cars good for the environment, but they are good on the your pocketbook as there are discounts available.
  • Increasing your deductible: If you choose to have a higher deductible, this can lower your insurance premium. Essentially, by increasing the deductible you are agreeing to pay more in the case of an accident, however, if you don’t have a claim, you can reduce your premium.
  • Loyalty does matter: Often insurance companies will offer reduced rates to customers who have been with them for a specified number of years.
  • Age:  Experience makes a difference in insurance rates. Older drivers generally pay less than younger drivers. Be sure you provide your broker with the correct license date of your G1, G2, and G as the discount is different per company.
  • Short commute discounts: If your drive to work is short, you may qualify for this discount.
  • Retiree savings:  When you retire and if you meet some conditions, you may receive a discount. The retiree discount can range from 5 to 15 percent off your premium for Accident Benefits coverage, notes the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.
  • Mature-driver discounts: Some companies offer discounts to those who are over 50 and have a clean driving record.
  • CAA discount:  A membership in CAA can result in a discount when insured with CAA.
  • Changes to your insurance: Please let us know if your insurance needs change during the term of your car insurance policy. Some changes may lower your insurance premium.
  • Costs of repairs to your vehicle:  It’s a fact that some cars are more costly to repair than others. If you have a premium car that requires specific parts and service this will impact your premium.  If on the other hand, your car is among those that are less costly to repair, this can result in savings on your insurance premium.
  • Being married may have an impact: Generally if you are married you may have a saving in your insurance premium.
  • Good student and student away at school discounts: Both of these can result in savings. This includes students with good grades (80% or more) or those who are away while attending school (160 km away).
  • Low-mileage discount:  If you meet certain criteria for distance you drive (usually less than 6,000 km per year), you may qualify for a discount.

It is important to know that discounts and the criteria to qualify for discounts vary substantially among companies. Our brokers want to maximize your savings and will work with you to get you all the discounts you qualify for.

Who Offers The Best Car Insurance In Hamilton?

If you are looking for insurance value and a competitive rate on your car insurance in Hamilton, let our brokers work on this for you.

It’s important to get the insurance you need, know the coverages, limitations and exclusions on any insurance policy you purchase. When looking for car insurance in Hamilton, be sure to work with an insurance broker to ensure you are getting good value for your insurance, you are working with an insurance professional and you are getting personalized service.

Where Can I Find Reviews On Car Insurance In Hamilton?

You can find reviews on car insurance in Hamilton on Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages.

Why Is Car Insurance In Hamilton So Expensive?

The cost of car insurance in Hamilton is subject to the same factors impacting insurance costs across Ontario. Some factors driving up auto rates are fraud and claims settlement costs.

It was estimated that the cost of fraud ranged from $768 million to $1.56 billion dollars in 2010 in Ontario. The impact was between $116 to $236 per average premium in Ontario.

As for claims, Kim Donaldson, Ontario vice president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), stated in a blog that according to the province’s auto advisor David Marshall “claims for simple minor sprains and strains often take more than a year to make their way through the system. And these types of minor injuries account for 80 per cent of all auto insurance claims. Marshall also found that about one-third of the cost of benefits for claims for minor sprains and strains is paid out in lawyers' fees and to experts providing competing opinions, among other costs. This money never reaches the injured parties,” notes Donaldson.

“It's time to get serious about reducing the costs of fraud and of settling claims that are driving up Ontario's auto premiums,” writes Donaldson.

Auto theft is also a costly problem across Canada. Each year the Insurance Bureau of Canada produces a list of the top 10 stolen vehicles in Canada. According to the IBC, “automobile theft costs Canadians close to $1 billion, including $542 million for insurers to fix or replace stolen vehicles, $250 million in police, health care and court system costs and millions more for correctional services. Check out a list of the top stolen vehicles according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

There are numerous tips in this article on ways to lower your car insurance premium. Our brokers will work with you to get you the best value for your car insurance in Hamilton.

How Can I Lower My Car Insurance?

There are ways to lower your car insurance in Hamilton. For starters, review the discounts list above to see if you may qualify for one or more of these discounts.

Consider if there are things you can change that would help to increase your savings. If you are a younger driver, taking a defensive driving course can help to lower your car insurance in Hamilton. If you arrange to have multiple policies at the same insurance company, this can help to lower your insurance premium.

When you call us for a quote, we will provide multiple insurance prices for you. This can result in savings as prices vary. Contact us online, by phone or at our Hamilton office and our team will get this started for you.

Where Can I Compare Car Insurance Rates In Hamilton?

Our brokers will do this for you. We take the hassle out of shopping by comparing car insurance rates in Hamilton. We can get multiple quotes for you.

Insurance brokers are trained and licenced to provide advice on different coverages and options for additional coverages to make sure you are properly insured. Price is important, but the proper coverages are vital in the event of an accident.

How Do I Get A Quote For Car Insurance In Hamilton?

Contact Morison Insurance by filling out the form on our website. You can also call us at 1-800-463-8074. Once you connect with us, our brokers will get quotes started for you car insurance in Hamilton.

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