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Northbridge Insurance Onyx

First-class protection for your high-value home and possessions.
  •  Unlimited replacement cost coverage
  •  Individually tailored protection to fit you, your lifestyle, your expectations
  •  Excellent service and claims resolution
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Northbridge Insurance Onyx: Offering Elite Coverage For High-Value Homes

If you are looking for first-class coverage for your high-value home, Northbridge Insurance Onyx is an excellent choice. Northbridge Insurance Onyx goes above and beyond standard protection offerings, tailoring high-value home insurance to the specialized needs of high-net-income individuals.    Northbridge Insurance Logo

Why Choose Northbridge Insurance Onyx?

Choose Northbridge to protect what matters most to you: your family, your home, your possessions, your property. Northbridge Insurance Onyx works through select brokers to protect homeowners who want and need more insurance protection. Northbridge Onyx insurance products are flexible and recognize the exclusive needs of high-net-worth clients. Features include unlimited replacement cost coverage, taking limits off some coverages such as additional living expenses if you reside elsewhere following a loss, legal expense coverage, and coverage for students away at university. Additionally, professional and prompt service is an Onyx centrepiece. In Northbridge’s own words: “We don’t want to simply meet your expectations – we want to exceed them.” Every Onyx policy is crafted to each client’s requirements. 

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What Type Of Insurance Does Northbridge Insurance Onyx Offer?

Northbridge Insurance Onyx offers superior protection for exclusive homes, properties, and possessions. Onyx coverage accounts for one-of-a-kind features, distinctive details, treasured items, exclusive collections and more.

Onyx provides unlimited replacement cost coverage for homes and out-buildings such as garages and stables. Northbridge Onyx also provides $2 million liability coverage per policy, including personal liability, $50,000 equipment breakdown coverage, jewellery coverage to $50,000 per claim and much more. A Northbridge Onyx insurance broker will be pleased to discuss your needs and get you an Onyx quote.

Northbridge Onyx:  Insurance For Exceptional Homes

Northbridge Onyx's high-value insurance for exquisite homes covers more than just the basics to ensure the things that matter most to you are always protected with customized coverages. Northbridge offers coverages that can be combined or modified to suit your home, lifestyle, and expectations.

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What Does Northbridge Onyx's High-Value Home Insurance Cover?

Northbridge high-value home insurance offers unlimited replacement cost coverage for your home, buildings and contents.  

Some other features include

  • Smart water monitoring systems with real-time alerts and problem-solving to prevent, detect and reduce water damage in your home.
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Wine coverage
  • Jewellery coverage limit per claim
  • Work of art coverage
  • Identity theft recovery expense endorsement
  • Securities limit
  • Lifestyles endorsement
  • Umbrella coverage 

Note that restrictions and limits may apply. A Northbridge Onyx insurance broker can explain the coverage details and provide guidance for your protection.

What Water Damage Protection Does Northbridge Onyx Provide?

Imagine you arrive home from work to find a water leak that has gone on all day and has caused extensive damage to your home. Maybe a washing machine flooded the laundry room. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid this and similar water problems? Your Northbridge Onyx policy can relieve you of these kinds of water worries. Northbridge Insurance has partnered with Eddy Solutions to provide extensive water protection coverage for your high-value home.

The main features include instant notification of troubles, automatic and remote shutoff of water systems from anywhere in the world, and around-the-clock monitoring. Northbridge Onyx covers the system, installation and monitoring as a policy discount. The system operates with sensors and a hub box. The installation often takes about 45 minutes. The Eddy device, app, installation and monitoring are included in your Northbridge Onyx policy in the form of a policy discount. A Northbridge Onyx insurance broker can provide further details and help arrange for the installation of Eddy Solutions’ water monitoring system.

What Do I Need To Know About Northbridge Onyx’s Wine And Spirits Coverage?

Wine and spirits connoisseurs know that breakage, theft, temperature changes, humidity and other threats are concerns when you are a collector. Northbridge Onyx provides blanket or itemized coverage for your wine and spirits collection. You can also customize your protection with increased limits and extend your property coverage if you extend your wine cellar as your collection grows. A Northbridge Onyx insurance broker will happily provide details on this coverage. 

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What Claims Services Does Northbridge Onyx Provide? 

Northbridge Onyx has a claims team focused on getting you quickly back on track following a claim. When you have a claim, you want professional and prompt service. Northbridge Onyx provides 24/7 service. 

Your Northbridge Onyx insurance broker will help you at every step of the way when resolving a claim. Your broker will get your loss reported, service started, and help with any concerns you may have while your claim is resolved. We will help you to get back on track with ease and speed.

Discounts Available For Northbridge Onyx Home Insurance

Northbridge offers several home insurance discounts and savings opportunities to help reduce your insurance premium. Some of the most popular home insurance discounts include:

  • Bundled home and auto discount
  • New home discount
  • Mortgage-free discount
  • Approved fire and burglary alarm discount
  • Age-based discount
  • And more

Your broker will ensure that all the discounts you qualify for are added to your high-value home insurance policy. 

Can Northbridge Insurance Onyx Bundle My Insurance Policies?

Northbridge Insurance will bundle your high-value home and luxury car insurance, and savings are available when the company insures both your residence and vehicle(s). Insuring your luxury vehicles in conjunction with your Northbridge Onyx high-value home coverage is a good packaging opportunity. Northbridge also offers a multi-vehicle insurance discount and coverage that protects your driving record.

Northbridge Onyx insurance brokers know luxury vehicles - with their specialized performance capabilities, the latest safety and technology features and more - require special insurance protection. We will look after you. 

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Is Northbridge Insurance A Good Company?

Northbridge Insurance is a subsidiary of Northbridge Financial Corporation. It is a well-respected company with more than 90 years of experience providing personal and business insurance across Canada.

What Do Customers Like About Northbridge Insurance?

Northbridge customer reviews note the company’s professionalism, excellent customer service, responsiveness, fast and helpful service, and more. A Northbridge Onyx insurance brokers, we are pleased to contact the company on your behalf at any time, assist with claims resolution, and help you to save as much as possible with all savings opportunities available to you.

How Do I get Northbridge Onyx Insurance?

When you contact a Northbridge Onyx insurance broker, you will get prompt and professional assistance. The select network of brokers who offer Northbridge Onyx insurance will customize your insurance and align coverages with your individual needs. We provide one-stop convenience to get you insured with Northbridge Onyx.

Where Can I Get A Northbridge Insurance Onyx Quote?

You can get Northbridge Insurance Onyx from Morison Insurance. Our award-winning broker team will promptly get you a Northbridge Insurance Onyx quote. As independent brokers, we will get you the protection that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Contact us today at 1-800-463-8074 to get started. We are here for you!


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

Specialized Insurance For Extraordinary Homes And Vehicles!
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