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Pembridge Insurance Brokers

Since its establishment in 1999, Pembridge Insurance has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality insurance products across Canada. Providing the best insurance coverage and competitive insurance rates to Canadian residents is what Pembridge strives to do.

You can buy Pembridge Insurance exclusively through insurance brokers. Our team at Morison Insurance are proud Pembridge insurance brokers and we know Pembridge products and services. We are happy to provide you with a Pembridge insurance quote to protect all of your insurance needs.

Pembridge Insurance


Why Choose Pembridge Insurance Brokers?

Pembridge insures a range of insurance products providing coverage for your property, auto, and recreational insurance needs. Pembridge provides personalized and competitively priced insurance quotes, additional coverage options, money-saving opportunities, flexible payment options, and 24-hour claims service.

You can get a Pembridge insurance quote through a Pembridge insurance broker like Morison Insurance. We will offer you expert advice and exceptional customer service, answer your questions, provide levels of coverage solutions, and get you insured with ease and efficiency through Pembridge. We are here to help you get a Pembridge insurance quote with comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs.

What Types Of Insurance Do Pembridge Insurance Brokers Offer?

Pembridge provides insurance coverage for a wide range of products including home insurance, auto insurance, bundled home and auto insurance, condo insurance, tenants insurance, cottage insurance, secondary home insurance, and recreational insurance such as ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, travel trailers, and more.

Pembridge insurance brokers know the array of coverage options that Pembridge offers and would be happy to provide you with a Pembridge insurance quote with complete coverage for your individual needs.

Pembridge Auto Insurance

Pembridge auto insurance provides protection for your personal vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, classic cars, motorhomes and trailers. Pembridge offers individual ratings where the price of your insurance is based on each client's merits and situation such as having a clean driving record with good driving habits.

Depending on the level of protection you require, there are additional coverage options that can be applied to your Pembridge car insurance policies to ensure that you and your vehicles are protected. These auto coverage options include increased accident benefits,

Our dedicated Pembridge insurance brokers would be happy to provide you with a Pembridge insurance quote that will properly protect your vehicles.

Discounts Available For Pembridge Auto Insurance

Pembridge offers a range of discounts that could be applied to your auto insurance policy to help you save on your auto insurance rates. Some popular car insurance discounts include:

  • Loyalty Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Retiree Discount
  • Winter Tire Discount
  • Usage-Based Insurance Discount

Some savings are automatically applied to your auto insurance premium, and discount amounts can vary or be set at assigned percentages. Your Pembridge insurance broker will ensure you receive all savings you are entitled to when you receive your Pembridge insurance quote. Various eligibility criteria must be met.

Pembridge Home Insurance

Pembridge home insurance offers protection for your home, condominium, secondary home, rented dwelling, tenants, vacation home, seasonal home, and trailers. There are many different factors that determine the price of your Pembridge home insurance quote including details that are specific to you, and details that are specific to the property you are insuring.

Insurance providers such as Pembridge also offer optional insurance coverages that can be added to your policy to ensure you have comprehensive protection. Some popular coverages include home warranty, identity left, legal expense coverage, and bylaw coverages. If you have items that require special protection, speak with your Pembridge insurance broker and they can help get additional coverage for jewellery and other valuable items added to your Pembridge insurance quote.

Discounts Available For Pembridge Home Insurance

Pembridge Insurance offers an array of discounts that can be added to your homeowners' policy. Popular home insurance discounts Pembridge offers include:

  • Claims-Free Discount
  • Non-smoker Discount
  • Water Damage Prevention Discount
  • Home Security Discount
  • Mortgage-Free Discount

It is important to note that discount amounts can vary or be set at assigned percentages, and various eligibility criteria must be met. Some savings are automatically applied to your home insurance premium and you won't see an actual percentage deduction. When you work with a Pembridge insurance broker, we will ensure that all money-saving opportunities have been applied to your Pembridge insurance quote. We love to help you save!

Is Pembridge Insurance A Good Company?

Pembridge Insurance company is a well-respected insurance company in the Canadian insurance industry. It operates across Canada and provides excellent insurance products at competitive rates through its network of select insurance broker representatives like Morison Insurance. Pembridge also supports communities and charitable organizations through charitable giving to community-based efforts contributing to safer and stronger Canadian communities.

What Do Customers Like About Pembridge Insurance?

Customers who are pleased with Pembridge Insurance say that they are responsive and professional. They say the company offers competitive prices, good service, good communication,flexible payment options,  fair claims compensation, and a claims experience guarantee.

When you work with a Pembridge insurance broker, like Morison Insurance, we will ensure that you receive all of these benefits that Pembridge has to offer. We work for you and have your best interest in mind to ensure you have the best insurance experience.

What Do Customers Think Pembridge Insurance Needs To Improve?

Customers who are not pleased note several areas for improvement, including customer service and claims resolution.

As Pembridge Insurance brokers, we note that reputable insurance brokers can provide excellent support and guidance to customers. Pembridge insurance brokers are your personal representatives to Pembridge Insurance company and we have your back! We will happily reach out to the insurance company on your behalf to help resolve issues, get answers to questions, walk you through the claims process, help resolve claims or assist with other matters. We take care of our customers with personal, professional, and prompt service.

Who Owns Pembridge Insurance?

Pembridge is owned by Allstate Insurance Canada, one of North America's largest insurance companies, providing Pembridge scale and financial stability.

Where Can I Get A Pembridge Insurance Broker Quote?

You can get a Pembridge insurance quote by contacting our team at Morison Insurance. We know Pembridge's products and services. We can assist you with getting insurance coverage for your home, car, condo, recreational vehicle and so much more. We also offer optional insurance coverages that can be added to your policy to ensure you are properly protected. Get a Pembridge insurance quote by calling us at 1-800-463-8074 or by filling out the form on our website. We love to help!

Speak With Our Pembridge Insurance Brokers

Our broker team at Morison Insurance looks forward to assisting you with all your insurance needs. We are an independent insurance broker which means we also work with dozens of Canadian insurance providers, including Pembridge Insurance, and we will find you the best insurance coverage at a competitive rate. So sit back, relax, and let our dedicated brokers do the shopping for you.



This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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