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Wawanesa Insurance Brokers

Wawanesa Insurance is one of Canada's largest insurance mutuals. Wawanesa offers a wide range of insurance products that are provided exclusively through Wawanesa insurance brokers.

You can buy Wawanesa insurance from Morison Insurance. We are Wawanesa insurance brokers and we will be happy to provide you with a Wawanesa insurance quote for all your insurance needs. We strive to provide outstanding service, provide expertise for any questions you have, offer a range of coverage options, make changes to your policies when requested, update contact and billing information when required, and much more.

Why Choose Wawanesa Insurance Brokers?

Wawanesa offers a wide range of insurance products for your personal and commercial needs. Wawanesa also has 24/7 claims service, flexible payment options, competitive insurance rates, additional optional coverage, and insurance discount opportunities.

Our Wawanesa insurance brokers will help you get a Wawanesa insurance quote quickly and easily. We are more than happy to answer questions and provide you with advice and guidance to ensure you are properly protected.

What Type Of Insurance Does Wawanesa Offer?

Wawanesa offers many types of insurance coverage. Whether you are looking for home insurance, car insurance, commercial insurance, farm insurance, or insurance for your recreational vehicles, Wawanesa has a policy for you.

Wawanesa insurance brokers know the range of insurance products Wawanesa offers. We would be happy to provide you with a Wawanesa insurance quote tailored to your needs. Excellent customer service is our priority. We will take the time to explain coverage options, walk you through your insurance plan, and answer any questions you may have.

Wawanesa Car Insurance

Wawanesa auto insurance provides coverage for your car, pickup truck, SUV, motorhome, commercial vehicle, or for your recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, and much more. Attractive savings opportunities are offered when you bundle home and auto insurance policies with Wawanesa Insurance.

In Ontario, automobile insurance is mandatory to drive your vehicle on the road. Essential coverages that are mandated by the government include third-party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation for property damage, and uninsured vehicle coverage. Wawanesa car insurance includes all of these essential coverages as well as additional options to provide you with other important protective coverages you may need. Customers can increase coverage limits and purchase additional coverages. Our Wawanesa insurance brokers can help you determine exactly what coverages you need to ensure you are properly protected and will provide you with a Wawanesa car insurance quote tailored to your needs.

Discounts Available For Wawanesa Auto Insurance

Wawanesa offers many car insurance discounts that could be applied to your auto policy that can help lower your annual premium payment. Some popular savings include:

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Multi-Product Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Retiree Discount
  • Winter Tire Discount
  • And More

Some discounts will be automatically applied to your premium where you won't see an actual percentage deduction. Savings also will vary or be set at assigned percentages per individual. Speak to our Wawanesa insurance brokers who can make sure that you receive all of the auto insurance discounts you qualify for when you get your Wawanesa auto insurance quote. Various eligibility criteria must be met.

Wawanesa Home Insurance

Wawanesa home insurance provides coverage for houses, condos, apartments, garages, sheds, content, and more.

Everyone's home insurance needs are different. Old or new. Big or small. Condo or apartment. New wiring? Old roof? Located near a fire hall? Pool? Hot tub? Barn? In-home business? Have expensive jewellery? These factors, and others, will determine what should be included in your Wawanesa home insurance policy. Speak with our Wawanesa insurance brokers who will help you find the best coverages you need to protect your items. We can get you a Wawanesa home insurance quote quickly and easily.

Discounts Available For Wawanesa Home Insurance

Wawanesa offers home insurance discounts that could be added to your homeowner's insurance policy.

  • Mortgage-Free Discount
  • Alarm System Discount
  • Claims-Free Discount
  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Water Mitigation Discount
  • And More

Some discounts are automatically applied to the premium, and discount amounts will vary or be set at assigned percentages for individual situations. One of our Wawanesa insurance brokers can help you determine all of the discounts you are eligible for and will apply these to your Wawanesa home insurance quote. Various eligibility criteria must be met.

Wawanesa Business Insurance

Wawanesa provides business insurance packages that cover buildings, contents, cyber risks, liability, and many other needs. The best advice is to speak with our Wawanesa insurance brokers and discuss your requirements. Each business's needs are unique. Your business is your livelihood. It's important to you and your family, and you want to be sure you have the right insurance protection. Let our Wawanesa insurance brokers provide you with a Wawanesa insurance quote tailored to your business.

Wawanesa Farm Insurance

Wawanesa farm insurance is provided in two insurance plans: Your Farm Insurance and Agricultural Select. Both include options to tailor coverages to your specific needs. Coverages and policies can be altered as your farm insurance needs change. Let our expert Wawanesa insurance brokers get you a Wawanesa insurance quote for your farming needs.

Is Wawanesa Insurance A Good Company?

Wawanesa Insurance is a well-respected and trusted insurance company with a long history in Canada.

Wawanesa has a claims team that is available 24/7. The claims team can be reached when you are making a claim or if you have questions about an ongoing claim. Wawanesa has a claim service guarantee on the workmanship of claims repairs.

Each year Wawanesa Insurance contributes to hundreds of charitable organizations to help improve communities. Its giving focuses on five areas: health, social services, arts and culture, education, and community activities.

What Do Customers Like About Wawanesa insurance?

Customers note that Wawanesa Insurance offers insurance at competitive rates, and provides good service and claims handling.

When you speak with one of our Wawanesa insurance brokers, we will ensure you receive all of these benefits. At Morison Insurance we work with leading Canadian insurance providers which means we can compare quotes from different companies, including Wawanesa. When we provide you with your insurance options, we will ensure that a Wawanesa insurance quote is one of them.

What Do Customers Think Wawanesa Insurance Needs To Improve?

Areas for improvement include handling claims, say some online reviewers. This is where Wawanesa insurance brokers, like Morison Insurance, can help. We are pleased to represent you when you have a claim and assist in a speedy and satisfactory resolution. Having a claim is stressful enough. Our brokers will provide you with guidance and communicate with Wawanesa as needed. We are here to help.

Who Owns Wawanesa Insurance?

Wawanesa is a mutual insurance company owned by its policyholders. It has grown from a small farmers' mutual located in Wawanesa, Manitoba, into one of Canada's largest insurance companies.

Where Can I Get A Wawanesa Insurance Broker Quote?

You can get a Wawanesa Insurance quote from Morison Insurance. We have been selling Wawanesa Insurance products for many years and we know the company and its products exceedingly well. Let us help you get the best insurance and value.

Speak With A Wawanesa Insurance Broker

Contact our Wawanesa insurance brokers at Morison Insurance. We are a full-service brokerage and will provide you with Wawanesa quotes and additional protection options. Get started today by calling 1-800-463-8074 or by filling out the form on our website. We look forward to speaking with you!

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