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Choosing The Right Home And Auto Insurance Brokers

Why Work With Home And Auto Insurance Brokers?

There are many benefits to you when using home and auto insurance brokers. Brokers represent several insurance companies and get you a selection of quotes for your best insurance value.

At Morison Insurance we represent dozens of Canada’s best insurance companies and we will get you a variety of quotes with competitive rates. Our award-winning team is among the best home and auto insurance brokers in Ontario. Our aim is to provide fast, simple and smart insurance.

Working with an insurance broker is your best option for several reasons.

  • Insurance brokers don’t work for the insurance companies they represent. Brokers are independent. We work for our customers.
  • Insurance brokers offer choice. Our home and auto insurance brokers reach out the companies to get insurance quotes and the customer chooses which insurance policy best meets their needs. Some insurance sales agents work for a specific insurance company, which, naturally, means they are not independent. Their aim is to sell that company’s products.
  • Insurance broker services come at no additional cost. There is no extra cost to you to use a broker where you get several competitive quotes, service and expertise. Our focus at Morison Insurance is to provide customers with great insurance, insurance options, expertise, outstanding value and excellent personal service.
  • Insurance brokers know insurance. As home and auto insurance brokers, we are trained and licenced by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario.
  • Insurance brokers will provide advice, explain premiums, conditions and terms of insurance, and provide service throughout the term of your policy.
  • Insurance brokers are at your service to answer any questions you may have and to make any insurance changes you need.
  • Insurance brokers will advocate for you to the insurance company to help with the speedy and fair handling of any claims you may have.

What Do Home And Auto Insurance Brokers Do For Me?

Home and auto insurance brokers are focused on looking after providing insurance for two of the largest financial commitments many of us make – our home and our vehicle(s).

Home and auto insurance brokers can get quotes for your home only, your vehicles only or both your home and vehicles. At Morison Insurance, our brokers provide a wide range of insurance products beyond home insurance and auto insurance; we also sell business insurance, cottage insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, travel trailer insurance, special events insurance – such as weddings or parties – first-time homeowners insurance , recreational insurance, life insurance and more.

At Morison Insurance, we like to say that if you have it, we can insure it!

With a simple online inquiry from our website, a phone call or a visit to our office, our Morison Insurance experts will get the process started to help you get the right insurance.



Can You Save Money By Bundling Insurance Policies?

Yes, home and auto insurance brokers can help you save money by bundling your home and auto insurance. Savings from bundling can be sizable.

Bundling means having a number of your insurance policies with one insurance company. You can bundle your home, your vehicles, your business, your recreational items and more.

Here are some of the big benefits of bundling your insurance:

  1. You can save. Savings on your insurance can be substantial. Generally the largest savings are on auto insurance costs. This is a good thing for customers because auto insurance is almost always more expensive than home, condo or rental apartment insurance.
  2. You can get extra perks. Some insurance companies offer perks beyond those they would be receive if the customer purchased insurance with separate policies at different companies. Ask our Morison Insurance home and auto brokers about this.
  3. Reduced fees are available. Some companies offer reduced service fees for those with bundled policies and who are paying monthly.
  4. Less hassle at renewal time. Bundled insured items can renew on the same date and you don’t need to keep tabs on several renewal dates. Think “once and done”.
  5. Add more insured items. You can add additional items – maybe you buy another car or you want to insure your partner’s car in the bundle to potentially save more – to your policy and have the same renewal date as your other insured items.
  6. Bundle lots of stuff to potentially save more. Bundling is not limited to personal insurance items, it can include other items such as your cottage, your recreational vehicle, your business or commercial insurance or your business vehicle.
  7. Bring other items onto the policy when they renew to save more. Some insurance companies will offer your savings immediately on the promise to bring other items to the policy when these come up for renewal.

Here is another important thing to know when you are working with home and auto insurance brokers, whether you are bundling your insurance or not: Being charged a penalty for changing your policy before it expires is not necessarily a bad thing in every situation.

Even though you may be charged a penalty for an early policy cancellation, you could very well save in excess of the penalty by switching to another policy. Our home and auto insurance brokers have helped customers save in excess of the penalty cost many times.

How Much Experience Do Home And Auto Insurance Brokers Have?

The experience home and auto insurance brokers have varies by individual broker. However, all home and auto insurance brokers in Ontario are licenced by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario.

All RIBO-licensed brokers have taken insurance training and passed exams. They must also continue their education by meeting annual training and education requirements. This training is required to maintain their insurance licence.

Many brokers also earn other insurance designations such as Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), and Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP), and Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker.

At Morison Insurance our home and auto insurance brokers also participate in regular in-house training, training offered by insurance companies and training provided by professional third-party insurance experts that our brokerage hires. Continuing education is a high priority at Morison Insurance. Brokers who are well trained are better able to serve customers.

Where Do I Find Home And Auto Insurance Brokers?

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada list insurance brokers across Ontario and Canada respectively.

When looking for the right home and auto insurance broker, consider the following:

  1. Go with a home and auto insurance broker that is large enough to shop at several home and auto insurance companies to get a variety of quotes for you. At Morison Insurance we can get quotes from Canada’s best insurance which will ensure your insurance is well shopped for great insurance value.
  2. Go with a broker with solid experience and that has been recognized by the insurance industry (aka our peers) for its excellence. At Morison Insurance we have been recognized as Best Brokerage in Ontario by the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. We have also received numerous community awards for best brokerage and best brokers. We have also received several technology and best-rated awards.
  3. Go with a broker that is focused on you, the customer. You, the customer, are at the centre of everything we do. Morison Insurance is a family-owned company where our staff are like family. We have grown from a one-office business to seven offices across southern Ontario. The secret? We focus on providing the best insurance products and first-class service to every customer. Our goal, every day, is to be the very best insurance brokers for our customers. Each Morison Insurance customer has a dedicated broker who looks after their insurance and is available to answer any questions, make any insurance changes the customer may require and provide great service. We are available online, by email, by text, by phone, or in person at seven offices in Southern Ontario. Contact us anytime!
  1. Go with a broker with great reviews. Check out our reviews on Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages.

Also check out our YouTube channel.

Are Insurance Brokers Expensive?

Home and auto insurance brokers provide insurance expertise, independent insurance advice, a variety of insurance product options and much more at no additional cost to customers.

Your best insurance is from an insurance broker. We work for our customers only, not an insurance company as is the case with some insurance providers. For more on the advantages of working with a broker, check out the article written by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.

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How Do I Get Prices From Home And Auto Insurance Brokers?

At Morison Insurance we offer several ways to get insurance quotes quickly and simply.Get started online by filling out the contact form on this page or call us at 1-800-463-8074. Our home and auto insurance brokers will get working for you.

Do Insurance Brokers Offer Discounts?

There are many discounts offered by insurance companies. The discounts do vary among companies, however, as long as a company offers a discount and you qualify, you can save – and the savings can add up!

Check out a list of our most popular discounts available from our home and auto insurance brokers.

Here are a few other ways you may be able to save on your auto insurance:

  1. You can save on auto insurance by participating in a driving program offered by some insurance companies that rewards good drivers. These programs involve using an app that will track your good driving and reward you with savings. In some cases, drivers can save as much as 30% on their auto insurance. With the average auto insurance rate being between $1,500 and $1,900, a 30% savings is substantial. In the case of a $1,500 premium, the savings could be as high as $450! In the case of a $1,900 auto insurance premium, the savings could be as high as $570! Contact our home and auto insurance brokers at Morison Insurance and we’ll tell you more about these potential savings.
  2. You can save on your auto insurance by participating in a pay-as-you-go program offered by some insurance companies. Contact our home and auto insurance brokers at Morison Insurance brokers to learn more about the pay-as-you-go program and if it is a good fit for you.

Below are a few additional ideas on how you may be able to lower your home insurance costs:

  1. Tell your broker when you have done updates to your home. Sometimes these updates can result in insurance savings. Installing a monitored alarm system, installing new wiring or installing new plumbing are just three examples of updates that could lower your premium.
  2. Have you installed a tankless water heater? Savings may be available to you if you no longer have a water tank.
  3. Have you installed a sewer backup valve or a preventative measure to limit potential water damage?

Water and fire are the biggest damage-causing threats to your home. If you have done work or made changes that help to reduce these threats, insurance companies may offer additional savings to you. Every penny saved counts!

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What Are Some Tips For Choosing The Best Home And Auto Insurance Brokers?

The best home and auto insurance brokers care about providing great insurance products and value, and are dedicated to looking after each customer personally with exceptional insurance service.

This is our focus at Morison Insurance. Our brokers are home and auto owners too. They have concerns just like yours. Will my home insurance provide protection in case of fire? Will my auto insurance protect me if I am injured or someone else is injured in an accident?  We know that every person and their circumstances are unique. We are trained insurance professionals ready to help with your insurance needs.

Who Do Home And Auto Insurance Brokers Represent?

Home and auto insurance brokers represent general insurance companies that provide home and auto insurance. Brokers reach out to these insurance companies to get home and auto insurance for customers.

There are many general insurance companies – also known as property and casualty insurance companies – across Canada. General insurance companies provide all types of insurance except life and health insurance.

Categories of general insurance include auto insurance, property insurance (personal and business properties), business insurance and liability insurance.

Insurance is all about protection: managing risk and providing compensation in the event of a loss.  Some insurance coverage is required by law – auto insurance is an example of this.

You can purchase insurance directly from an insurance company, from an agent working for a company or from an insurance broker who does not work for any insurance company, is independent, provides you with several insurance policy options and quotes (and therefore several choices of what insurance you want to buy) and is trained to provide you with professional insurance advice.

It is important to know that insurance protection varies substantially among companies. You should know what protection you are buying when you purchase your insurance.

Home And Auto Insurance Brokers With The Best Reviews.

At Morison Insurance we are proud of the many positive reviews our home and auto insurance brokers have received, and we thank every customer who has provided a review.

Reviews can be found on Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages. You can also read our customers’ testimonials on our website.


How Do Home And Auto Insurance Brokers Get Quotes?

When you contact our home and auto insurance brokers for a quote we will immediately reach out to insurance companies to get several quotes for you.

We will provide you with the quotes and discuss the coverages being offered. You can compare the quotes, discuss the options with our home and auto insurance brokers and you can decide which insurance policy suits you best.

For an auto insurance quote, among the details required to get a quote are your driver’s licence, the make, year and model of your vehicle, how long you have been licensed, and your driving record details – such tickets or accidents, if any.

For a home insurance quote, among the details needed for a quote are your home address, how old (approximately) your house is, and information on any updates made to your home.

Which Home And Auto Insurance Brokers Have The Best Coverage?

Insurance coverages are provided by the insurance companies, not the home and auto insurance brokers, and coverages vary among companies.

It is important to know what coverages are included in the quotes you receive. It is also important to know the policy limitations or exclusions. Additional and enhanced coverages are available should you require them. Our auto and home insurance brokers can help you with this.

Which Home And Auto Insurance Brokers Have The Best Rates?

A benefit of working with home and auto insurance brokers is you get to compare insurance prices from several insurance companies. This means you have choices, options.

You can choose which company provides the best insurance value for you – best protection and price.

Keep in mind that the cheapest insurance may not necessarily be the best insurance for you. Be sure you are getting the insurance protection you need at a good price – this is good value. There is no point in buying insurance that does not provide adequate protection to meet your specific needs. This is another area where home and auto insurance brokers will be helpful. Insurance is complicated. Insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand. Brokers are trained in insurance and will explain terms, details, coverages and more to you.

Our Morison Insurance home and auto insurance brokers get competitive rates because we are seasoned insurance shoppers.

Let’s say you need a new pair of shoes and you go to a mall. Do you go to one store or do you check out shoes at a few stores before you buy?  We are betting the majority of people will check out at least a few stores.

That’s what we do at Morison Insurance: We represent many insurance companies and we will shop around at various insurance “stores” for you so you know what is available.

Basically, when you contact Morison Insurance, it’s like shopping at a “mall” of insurance companies except we go to the “insurance mall” for you.

All you need to do is contact us and ask for quotes on your insurance. It’s super convenient, fast and easy.

Morison Insurance Brokers Serve All Of Ontario.

Our Morison Insurance brokers serve all of Ontario! We have bricks and mortar offices in seven communities – Hamilton, St. Catharines, Oakville, Haldimand (Hagersville), Simcoe, Waterford and Port Dover. We are also among the most digitally-able brokers in Ontario and we can provide you with excellent service whether you are in St. Thomas, Windsor, Ottawa, Timmins, Toronto, Parry Sound, Kenora, Fort Erie or any place between or beyond.

We are at your service online, by email, by text or in person at our offices. We look forward to discussing your insurance needs and providing you with the best insurance products, competitive prices and best-in-class service.

Fill out the form on this page or call our home and auto insurance experts to get your quote started.


This blog is provided for information only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Please call our Morison Insurance brokers at 1-289-768-7781 for more information.

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