The Benefits of working with a Full-Service Insurance Brokerage

What is a full-service insurance brokerage?

A full-service insurance brokerage offers insurance coverage for your home, auto, business, and recreational insurance needs and provides advice, support, and service on all insurance matters.

A full-service insurance broker sells it all. Home insurance, auto insurance, commercial insurance, travel trailer insurance, secondary home insurance, identity theft insurance, classic car insurance, boat insurance, cottage insurance and more.

A full-service insurance broker also provides expert service and professional advice whenever you need it. This is an essential part of the full-service insurance brokerage experience because it ensures every customer’s insurance needs are met completely.

What are the benefits of using a full-service insurance broker?

You should work with a full-service insurance broker because you will have your insurance all in one place, they will provide you with a variety of competitive insurance quotes, there are numerous discounts available, you will receive expert advice with a personal touch, and you will save yourself time and energy.

Choosing to work with a broker that does not offer full service is like going to an ice cream shop that offers only one flavor of ice cream. No choices, no options. A full-service insurance brokerage is like an ice cream shop with over 20 flavors. Plenty of tempting options to choose from, appetizing prices, and friendly and knowledgeable wait staff.

Insurance all in one place

A full-service insurance brokerage provides everything you need all in one place. Looking for home insurance, car insurance, or business insurance? Or maybe you're looking for more specialized insurance such as seasonal home insurance, special events insurance, condo insurance, landlord insurance, or tenants insurance? All of these insurance protections and more are provided by full-service insurance brokerages.

Having one point of contact will make your life simpler when you have questions, need to make changes to your policies, need to make a claim, or you change your address. A full-service insurance broker will be happy to help you.

The Benefits of a Full-Service Insurance Broker - Morison Insurance

Shop dozens of companies

Full-service insurance brokerages work with dozens of Canada’s leading insurance companies and shop for competitively priced insurance options for customers. Full-service brokers are very familiar with the products offered by many insurance companies. They can get you several quotes quickly, discuss the multiple quotes with you, and get you insured with the company of your choice. Full-service insurance brokers have a straightforward goal: Getting customers the best insurance at great value.

Discounts available

Full-service brokerages have access to many home insurance discounts and car insurance discounts to help you save money. Full-service insurance brokers know which discounts are offered by various insurance companies. One company may offer a better discount to drivers with clean driving records, while another may offer a better discount to homeowners with monitored security systems. A full-service broker knows each company’s discount details and will help you save.

Full service and expert advice

A full-service insurance broker provides complete service and expert advice. Full-service insurance brokers are trained insurance professionals with expertise in many types of insurance.

If you are looking for home insurance, a full-service insurance broker knows which companies provide the insurance you are looking for. Need auto insurance? They know this too! Business insurance? Yup, we have it. Liability insurance? Yup, we have this too. And the list goes on.

A full-service insurance broker also knows everyone’s needs are different and change over time. Every policy is specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements. Maybe you have a home, car(s), a cottage, a business, and more. Full-service insurance brokers customize and package your insurance and help you get bundling discounts.

When you have insurance questions, a full-service insurance broker is at your service promptly. Need to change your insurance? Need to add or delete coverage? Have a claims question? A full-service insurance broker is your insurance concierge: Always at your service.

Full-Service Insurance Broker in Ontario - Morison Insurance

The personal touch

The best full-service brokerages are large enough to provide a variety of insurance products and outstanding personal service. We are not talking about call centres or impersonal companies where customers are served by whoever happens to answer a phone call or email. The best full-service brokers provide personal service by brokers who care, listen, and help. Full-service brokers know how important it is to develop a personal relationship of trust with customers.

Save yourself time and energy

Life is busy. So much to do and so little time – always. Save yourself time and energy when you work with a full-service brokerage. Relax while we get your full-service insurance quotes. Rest assured that when you need insurance assistance, a full-service insurance brokerage is there for you.

How can I get a quote with a full-service insurance broker?

Get a quote from a full-service insurance broker by contacting Morison Insurance. Our brokers will get you multiple quotes quickly. We represent dozens of insurance companies and know the details of their insurance products. We will discuss your full-service insurance quotes with you, and you can decide what policy is best for you. Contact us today by calling 1-800-463-8074 or by filling out the form on our website.

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