10 Great RV Destinations In Ontario

The Joys Of Having An RV

Having an RV, also known as a recreational vehicle, can be fun. You can use it for camping trips so that even when you're out exploring the wild, you can have all the comforts of home. This means that when you want to visit far-away hiking trails, sandy beaches, lush forests, and more, you can bring a functional home to your camping spot with the knowledge that it’s protected with RV Insurance. There are plenty of options, and with how large and diverse Ontario is, there are so many places with beautiful scenery. As long as you remember your road trip safety tips and your proper RV maintenance, you can choose to go to any location you set your heart to. The RV destinations we’ve picked out have RV parks in them, allowing you to conveniently visit without the worry of parking. 

Exciting RV Destinations In Ontario

One of the most exciting things about Ontario is the vast number of biomes that can be an RV destination for you. Whether you want to have a series of beach days on the shores of Lake Superior, see spectacular views of a national park from a hilltop, go bird watching as you stroll down a gravel road, or one of a thousand other things, Ontario has you covered. There are plenty of popular destinations, a number of which are below.

Georgian Bay Township & Parry Sound

morison insurance rv destinations georgian bay

The Georgian Bay Township, as well as its neighbour Parry Sound, are right on the coast of the freshwater haven known as Georgian Bay. This bay, which is considered part of Lake Huron, has been given the nickname "30,000 Islands" by locals and holds the title of being the largest freshwater archipelago in the world. Over 1000 different species of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians call this beautiful destination home. A handful of cruises in the area are also offered, giving this RV destination one with plenty of things to do once you arrive.

Both cities have several RV parks, and you can choose which one to stay at for a few days based on your family's budget and desired location.

Grand Bend

Located near the southern point of Lake Huron and an hour away from London, Grand Bend is a great RV destination for those who love beaches and lively nightlife. The small town of about 3,000 contains multiple RV parks and what is widely considered one of the best beaches in the entire province. Their flagship beach has the title of being one of Ontario's Blue Flag beaches, an award given to those who meet strict criteria regarding safety, environmental and education concerns, and water quality.

When it gets dark, many other cities go to sleep, but Grand Bend stays up all night. After sunset, a beautiful view is created, and places like The Lake Hound, Oakwood Resorts, and Growling Gator stay open, offering patios, drinks, dancing, music, and golf. Even with all this youthful energy, the town remains friendly to seniors. Its reputation for warm beaches, late-night activities, and fun for people of all ages has given this RV destination a reputation of a mini Florida located in Ontario.

Greater Hamilton Area

morison insurance rv destinations hamilton area

Located directly on the tip of Lake Ontario, Hamilton holds the title of being the waterfall capital of the world. Containing 156 waterfalls, according to the Smithsonian, this RV destination has endless choices when it comes to seeing these powerful forces of nature. Tew's Falls, at 41 meters (135 feet), is the tallest, with other notable examples being Webster's Falls, Albion Falls, Chedoke Falls, Mountview Falls, Princess Falls, Sherman Falls, Tiffany Falls, and many more places that can grant amazing views with breathtaking scenery.

Both the city itself and surrounding smaller cities like Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek have RV parks, giving you various choices for where to stay.

Kawartha Lakes

Situated northeast of Barrie and Lake Simcoe, Kawartha Lakes, as the name suggests, is not defined by its proximity to any specific lake but by the fact that it is a series of lakes. 250 lakes, to be precise. This RV destination is also known for having a very lively arts culture that includes galleries, museums, cinemas and theatre. There is also plenty of public art available, which shows the creativity and culture of the local population. 

This RV destination also has four provincial parks, several public parks, hiking trails, dog parks, and conservation areas, which allow visitors to explore nature.


morison insurance rv destinations muskoka

One of the most popular year-round RV destinations in Ontario, Muskoka is a series of small municipalities located near Georgian Bay that approaches Algonquin Provincial Park. This vast outdoor haven includes places where you can rent and ride ATVs, cycle, hike, go horseback riding, go on boat cruises, and kayak or canoe. 

One of the most alluring things about Muskoka as an RV destination is the wide range of winter activities available for those who want to brave the colder weather. Dog sledding, cross-country and downhill skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and more are available, giving Muskoka some opportunities that aren't available in other RV locations. 

Norfolk County

Located on the northern shore of Lake Erie, Norfolk County is another group of smaller cities with their own vibe. This RV destination includes Simcoe, Port Dover, Waterford, Frogmore, Courtland, Delhi, and many more.

Due to its large amount of farmland, farmers markets and more, the area has the nickname "Ontario's Garden." Possibly the most impressive of these is Whistling Gardens, which has the largest collections of peonies and conifers in all of North America. It gives you a total of 20 acres to explore the 4500 different plants, including the rare Baishan Fir. The area is also home to Ride The Bine, which can take you on a tour of wineries, breweries, and rolling hills. If you prefer animals to plants, Big Creek National Wildlife Area might be more your cup of tea, as it has a wide variety of creatures for you to set your eyes on. With over 200 bird species, as well as several types of amphibians, reptiles and insects, there is some piece of nature for everyone.

However, this RV destination is not limited to impressive green areas. Those who prefer the warm feeling of sand between their toes might prefer to go to Port Dover Beach or Turkey Point National Park. Long Point Eco Adventures offers hiking trails, kayaking, and cycling opportunities. 

Ottawa And Surrounding Areas

morison insurance rv destinations ottawa

You might picture Ottawa as a large, spanning metropolis with no business being an RV destination. This assumption would be incorrect, however. Ottawa has a surprisingly large number of RV camps for people to stay in. 

As Canada's national capital, Ottawa preserves our country's history through its large number of museums. The Canadian War Museum, Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum And the Canadian Aviation And Space Museum do a great job of highlighting Canada's influential role on the international stage. The National Gallery of Canada will be a hit for anyone who loves art, and the Canadian Museum of Nature highlights our country's natural beauty. You also have the opportunity to see some of that beauty firsthand by visiting places such as the Rideau Canal and Ottawa Locks.


morison insurance rv destinations peterborough

Those looking to be just a bit north of Lake Ontario and right in the middle of cottage country may want to consider making Peterborough their RV destination of choice. Only a couple of miles away from Toronto, Peterborough is close enough that the big city is accessible but far enough away to have its own distinct culture.

Despite being a very small city, Peterborough has over 100 different parks covering 362 acres and 36 kilometers of trails. The city also has a pair of zoos: the Riverview Park and Zoo and the Indian River Reptile Zoo. If you go in the summer, you will also have the opportunity to go to Del Crary and participate in the Peterborough Musicfest held every Wednesday and Saturday from the end of June through August.


Located at the very end of the Bruce Peninsula is Tobermory, a perfect RV destination for lovers of beautiful blue water. Being a harbour village, Tobermory is a beautiful RV resort with plenty of campground options.

Those who wish to explore the water can do so through various boat tours which include the Blue Heron Cruises, Bruce Anchor Cruises, Tobermory Wave Adventures, and more. You can also canoe or kayak out if you prefer to explore the water yourself. Anyone who enjoys learning about marine history will likely find the 26 historic shipwrecks fascinating. From the two-masted schooner known as the CHINA, located only a few feet from the surface to the NIAGARA II, a tanker that deliberately sank in 1999, there will be plenty for people to see.

St. Catharines And Niagara Falls

morison insurance rv destinations niagara falls

Niagara Falls is an RV destination that tells you what its largest landmark is right in its name. The world-famous waterfall is located directly on the border between Canada and its southern neighbour, the United States. The Horseshoe Falls, located in Canada, has the largest flow rate (rate of water going over the falls) of any waterfall in North America, with over 681,750 gallons dropping down each second. With two additional falls to see (America Falls and Bridal Veil Falls), these three impressive forces of nature help the Niagara River separate Lake Erie from Lake Ontario. 

While many attractions and guides let you see the falls up close, these are not the only things Niagara Falls has to offer. Skylon Tower, multiple indoor water parks, and a history museum are all located within the city. Fireworks are also on show from Victoria Day until Thanksgiving, with New Year's Eve events and a light show to see if you go in winter. 

St. Catharines, also known as the "garden city", is an RV destination that offers plenty of activities for those who enjoy nature. Happy Rolph's Animal Farm, Centennial Gardens, and the St. Catharines Farmers Market are all options. Lakeside Park offers a nice trail and has a small amusement park and a beach for you to explore. 

Regardless of the time you go, both cities are overflowing with unique, independent restaurants, meaning that you should be able to find something suited to your tastes.


morison insurance rv destinations sudbury

For those hoping for some RV camping to the North of the province, Sudbury is a great potential RV destination. Located a handful of kilometres north of Lake Huron and to the West of Algonquin Park, Sudbury has the largest population of any city in Northern Ontario and has over 300 lakes. 

One of Sudbury's most famous landmarks is the very accurately named "Big Nickel," a nine-metre-wide replica of our beaver displaying a coin. It is the largest depiction of a coin in the world and sits outside of Dynamic Earth, one of the city's two science centres, alongside Science North. The coin is a nod to the city's large supply of nickel, for which it is known. Interestingly, the large amount of nickel came from a meteorite that hit the area. The impact occurred 1.85 billion years ago (so no need to worry about a second meteorite ruining your RV trip) and formed the Sudbury Basin, the third-largest crater on Earth.

Remember To Enjoy Your RV Trip

Remember that an RV trip can be whatever you want it to be. You can spend the entire time exploring nature and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan lifestyle, living the RV lifestyle instead. Alternatively, you can simply use the RV park and your camp as a 'basecamp,' letting you have the comfort of home wherever you go. Remember not to stress about which RV destination you go to too much, as there is no wrong answer. Just relax and enjoy your time away.

This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information in this article, you do so at your own risk. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

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