What Makes The Best Insurance Brokers?

Why You Should Get Insurance From The Best Insurance Brokers

When you use the services of the best insurance brokers you are getting the best of everything. Top rated insurance brokers provide first-in-class insurance products and services, a choice of insurance products and competitive prices. In addition to these things, their focus is entirely on you, the customer.

What Are Some Tips For Choosing The Best Insurance Brokers?

Keep the following in mind. Award-winning insurance brokers:

  1. Provide excellent insurance coverage and protection
  2. Provide good value for your insurance dollar
  3. Shop at several insurance companies for competitive prices
  4. Provide outstanding customer service
  5. Develop relationships with their customers
  6. Have professional and well-trained brokers

What Is An Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is a trained professional who is licenced to sell insurance in the province of Ontario. Top rated insurance brokers are well trained, caring and eager to provide you with competitively priced insurance coverage to be sure you are properly protected in case of a loss.

Who Do The Best Insurance Brokers Represent?

Insurance brokers represent the customer. They have the customer’s best interests at heart and the customer’s needs are their complete focus. The best insurance brokers also sell the products of many insurance companies across Canada. This ensures the customer gets several ‘prices’ for their insurance and is able to choose from a variety of coverage options and money-saving discounts for which they qualify.

What Is The Difference Between Insurance Brokers And Insurance Agents?

The main difference between insurance brokers and insurance agents is that brokers are able to shop around to find you competitive prices and coverage where an agent only shops at one company.

There are a few different representatives who can sell insurance in Ontario.

You can buy insurance directly from a company, you can purchase insurance from an agent that represents one insurance company or you can purchase insurance from a licenced broker, the only insurance professional who provides the customer with a variety of insurance choices from several companies.

Insurance agents work for one insurance company. They want to sell you insurance from the company they work for. Their goal is to sell you insurance from the company that employs them.

Quite differently, insurance brokers represent several insurance companies to provide customers with choices to choose among a variety of insurance products and prices. Insurance brokers work for the customer. They offer independent advice, expertise and choice. They will discuss options that are available to you and help you choose which insurance is best. Also, and importantly, if you have a claim, your insurance broker will work to look after the customers’ interests, not an insurance company. They are independent. The best insurance brokers are on your side.

What Kind Of Coverage Options And Protection Do The Best Insurance Brokers Provide?

Insurance is all about protection. A customer purchases an insurance policy from an insurance company and the company agrees to cover the costs of losses stipulated in the policy under agreed-upon terms. Everyone’s insurance needs are different. If you have a car or motorized vehicle used on the roads, you are required by Ontario law to have auto insurance. However, you may decide you need extra liability insurance or perhaps your car is an antique, you may need different types of insurance. The best insurance brokers make sure your insurance covers your specific needs.

Similarly, if you own a home, home insurance is a smart thing to have. You have a lot invested in your home – financially and emotionally – and you want to be sure that if something happens such as a fire or a theft or a slip and fall on your front steps you are covered by insurance. However, if you also operate a business in your home or you rent out a portion of your home, you will want to make sure you are working with the best insurance brokers to get the right protection for these operations. Insurance brokers will help provide protection for your unique circumstances.

What Kind Of Value Do The Best Insurance Brokers Provide For Your Insurance Dollar?

The best insurance value comes from working with the best insurance brokers who find out what your specific insurance needs are and will shop at many insurance companies to get you the best coverage at the most competitive prices.

At Morison Insurance Brokers we are excellent insurance shoppers!  We represent dozens of insurance companies across Canada and we reach out to these companies for the best prices. The companies are competing for your insurance business.  Our award winning insurance brokers are not loyal to any insurance companies. Insurance brokers represent you, the insurance customer, and their loyalty is 100 % to you and getting you what you need at the most competitive price.

What Kind Of Training And Expertise Is Provided By The Best Insurance Brokers?

The best insurance comes from the best insurance brokers. It’s that simple. Brokers are educated and licenced insurance professionals. They have taken courses on insurance – personal, commercial and sometimes both – passed exams and engage in continued learning each year which is required to keep their licences to sell insurance.

Consider this: Would you go to a surgeon to help you build a house? No, you would get help from a trained and respected home builder. Would you go to a banker to get insurance? No, you would go to a trained and respected insurance broker. Your very best bet is to use the services of the best insurance brokers.

How Do I Find The Best Insurance Brokers?

You can find the best insurance brokers by going online and looking at reviews. Look for brokers that represent several insurance companies and have excellent reviews for service, price and claims resolution. Also look for reviews that mention a variety of the brokerage’s brokers by name. This demonstrates the brokers know their customers and work closely with them to make sure they are well looked after. This also demonstrates the company employs brokers who are great at what they do and customers are happy to share their good experiences.

Where Can I Find Reviews Of The Best Insurance Brokers?

You can find customer reviews for the best insurance brokers on Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages. When you are searching for an insurance broker, there is a ton of choice but to ensure you are efficient and effective, don’t underestimate the importance of online reviews as they come from satisfied, or unsatisfied, customers giving you honest feedback of the company. Other review platforms you can look at are Glassdoor or Indeed. These platforms are for employees to post anonymous reviews on the company they currently or previously worked for.

How Do I Know I Am Getting The Best Insurance From Insurance Brokers?

When you work with the best insurance brokers, it’s what we do every day – provide the best insurance. At Morison Insurance we have more than 70 insurance brokers who are trained, accredited professionals committed to getting you the right insurance. Our brokers are Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario graduates and all of them take insurance courses from industry organizations such as the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBC) each year to ensure they remain at the top of their profession.  We also provide ongoing in-house training to our brokers that sets them ahead of other brokers in the insurance sector. Many of our brokers are have their CAIB (Canadian Association of Insurance Brokers) designation and CIP (Canadian Insurance Professional) designation, in addition to others.  It’s clear that the best insurance brokers are well trained.

How Do You Know Insurance Brokers Are Shopping For The Most Competitive Price?

The best insurance brokers will shop at various insurance companies for your insurance to ensure you are receiving proper coverage at a competitive rate. Different insurance companies offer different insurance protection/coverage options and different prices. Different companies also provide different money-saving discounts. Top rated insurance brokers will shop several companies to get you the best prices and coverage. You can save A LOT.

Direct insurance writers and banks do not shop around. You get one price.  It’s like going to the mall and only shopping at one store. Who does that?

Here is a question: If you were shopping for house, would you buy the first one you saw. Would you say “I don’t need to see any more houses, I’ll buy this one.” We are willing to bet that this is rarely heard. Home buyers want to explore, check out a few places, check prices, before they buy.

Further, our team at Morison Insurance has access to dozens of insurance discounts. We promise to get you every discount you qualify for. Here are a few:  non-smoking discount, accident-free discount, multi-line discount (such as a house and car, or several vehicles), monitored alarm discount, short-commute discount.

How Do You Know You Are Getting The Best Service When You Use Insurance Brokers?

Some people will buy insurance and then when they need to speak to someone later, maybe to make a change to their coverage options, they are disappointed with the level of service. The person doesn’t get back to them promptly or doesn’t know the details of their insurance. In short, it can feel like after you buy insurance, that’s it, there is no service.

The best insurance brokers are in the insurance service business. The best insurance brokers provide ongoing service which is why each customer has a dedicated insurance broker - a friendly and caring insurance broker who knows you, provides professional advice and looks after your needs.  We are available to talk by phone, email, or text and we welcome an opportunity to get to know you. We want to provide you with the best insurance experience. Service excellence is the norm at Morison Insurance because we know it is important to you.

How Do Insurance Brokers Develop Great Relationships With Their Customers?

We have all been there: You are on the phone with someone who doesn’t listen, doesn’t care and doesn’t have time for you.  In your head you thinking why am I doing business here anyway?

The best insurance brokers listen, care and welcome taking time to get to know you and your insurance needs. You are important and the best insurance brokers know it. You will get the best insurance from this kind of insurance broker.

The Best Insurance Brokers Are In The Community

Insurance brokers know that companies owe their existence to their customers, towns and cities in which they operate. This reality brings whit it responsibilities that our team at Morison Insurance embraces. Giving back to the communities that we serve is extremely important to us. From sponsoring Peewee hockey leagues, to volunteering at local food backs, and donating money to community projects, our brokers are in the community.

How Much Experience Do The Best Insurance Brokers Have?

The best insurance brokers are those who have studied insurance and earned their provincially-recognized designations to sell insurance. They also keep learning. At Morison Insurance we encourage our brokers to keep taking courses, keep learning, earning more designations. We want them to be the best at what they do.

The best insurance brokers are also those who, beyond their formal education, love what they do.  You can take all the courses available, but if you don’t care about your customers and providing every customer with the best insurance, you will not be one of the best insurance brokers.

Our Morison Insurance brokers care. We are homeowners and car owners too. We worry about cyber threats and identity theft. Some of us have, RVs, boats, cottages and other toys that we want to protect. In short, we are just like you and we care about the same things you do.  Award winning insurance brokers relate to their customers, care and want the best insurance for each customer.

What Types of Insurance Do Insurance Brokers Offer?

The best insurance brokers provide the insurance you need. We offer home, auto, business, recreational, farm, condo, cyber, identity, travel trailer, cottage and seasonal home, party alcohol coverage, jewellery, bundled home and auto, life insurance and more.

Who Are The Best Insurance Brokers For Car Insurance?

The best auto insurance brokers are those who know the ins and outs of car insurance, understand the provincial auto insurance regulations and want every driver to have the insurance they require to be properly protected.

In short, the best auto insurance brokers know all about auto insurance and will look after you. Whether you have a new car, a vintage vehicle, a pickup truck or commercial vehicle or a fleet of commercial vehicles for a business you operate, your insurance broker will help you get the best insurance.

Who Are The Best Insurance Brokers For Home Insurance?

The best insurance brokers will work with you to find out about your home. They will ask you some questions – such as how old is your home? How many storeys is it? Is the basement finished? Is the wiring new? – to get to know your home. The more your insurance brokers get to know your home, the better. The information you provide will allow our brokers to get the best insurance coverage and to shop for the best insurance value for you. It also means we will be able to determine all of the money-saving insurance discounts you qualify for and apply them to get you prices that are as low as possible.

At Morison Insurance we have been protecting homes across Ontario for more than a century. We insure home, condos, apartments. We insure farm homes, urban homes, big homes and small homes, single-family and multi-family homes, bungalows and mansions. Whatever you have, we can insure it.

Who Are The Best Insurance Brokers For Business Insurance?

The best insurance brokers for business have extensive training and experience, and a sincere interest in helping you to get the right insurance. That’s exactly what we do at Morison Insurance. All you need to do is contact us online or by phone and we will have a commercial insurance broker get started helping you.

The best business insurance brokers will take the time to get to know your business and your insurance needs to protect your business. Our Morison Insurance commercial insurance brokers are experts in all kinds of business insurance. Whether you are a contractor, farmer, trucker, or operate any other kind of business, we will look after your needs promptly, properly and professionally.  Big or small, we look after all sizes of businesses.

Does It Cost More To Use Insurance Brokers?

No. There is no additional cost to use insurance brokers. When you are a customer if an insurance brokerage, you get the best of “everything to do with insurance” at no additional cost. The best insurance brokers have an outstanding reputation because they provide the best insurance products and service for every customer. Remember, they work for you, not an insurance company.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting Insurance From Insurance Brokers?

  • They work for you and only you: An insurance broker works for the customer – not an insurance company. We don’t favour one insurance company over another when looking for insurance for you. Our goal is the Best Insurance For You. Period.
  • They shop: An insurance broker can shop for many different prices for your insurance. Shopping can save you money. We all like to save money.
  • They are trained professionals: Our Morison Insurance brokers are trained, licenced and registered with the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) and must adhere to the expectations and regulations of this professional organization. Our brokers are trained to look after different kinds of insurance and we are trained on how to provide the best in customer service. We look after you from the moment you contact Morison Insurance. We know that insurance can be confusing and the language of policies can sometimes be difficult to understand. We are here to answer your questions. We are here to change your coverages when needed. We are also here to when you have a claim.  We are here to make insurance stress-less and pleasurable.
  • You can use their services at no extra cost to you: Customers do not have to pay anything extra for the service of the best insurance brokers. At Morison Insurance we represent dozens of insurance companies and earn commission from the companies. Our goal is to get the best insurance for you from one of these companies, all of which are among the best in Canada.

What Makes Morison Insurance One Of The Best Insurance Brokers in Ontario?

We have won community and provincial awards recognizing us as one of best insurance brokers in Ontario. We were named the Best Broker in Ontario by the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario and we have also won dozens for community awards for best car insurance brokerage, best home insurance brokers and best brokers.

We are recognized as one of the "Best Insurance Brokers" in Hamilton, St. Catharines and Oakville for the Three Best Rated Awards.

We have also been recognized for our commitment to employ the latest technology to make sure our customers get their insurance experience fast and easy. As an example, at Morison Insurance you have the option to sign your policy documents electronically. No need to print, sign and scan your documents back to us. Simply sign online and get a electronic copy.This option helps save paper and time!

In a nutshell, our goal every day is to deliver to you the very best insurance. We are committed to being the best insurance brokerage in our industry to make sure our customers get the great insurance.

This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information in this article, you do so at your own risk. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

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