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Intact Insurance Brokers

With roots dating back to 1809, when they were known simply as the Halifax Fire Insurance Association, Intact Insurance has become the largest provider in Canada. After almost 150 years in business, Dutch insurer Nationale-Nederlanden acquired the Halifax Fire Insurance Association in the 1950s. By the 1980s, Commerce Group, Belair Insurance of Quebec, and Western Union of Alberta were acquired, adding even more options for clients. In 1991, a merger with NMB Postbank created ING Group, which was then reorganized into ING Canada in 1993. By 2004, ING Canada acquired Guardian Insurance (1998), Allianz Canada (2004) and Zurich Canada's (2001) Canadian business interests, with specific interests in home, auto, and small and medium business insurance. Since an official renaming to Intact Financial Corporation in 2009, they have gone on to acquire AXA Canada Inc. (2011), Jevco Insurance Company (2012), Canadian Direct Insurance Inc. (2015), and US-based One Beacon Insurance Group Ltd. (2017).

Intact is currently insuring over 5 million individuals and businesses. You can buy Intact insurance through select independent insurance broker offices. We are proud to be an Intact insurance broker offering tailored insurance solutions to individuals across Ontario.

Why Choose Intact Insurance? 

Being the largest insurance company in Canada, there are plenty of reasons to choose Intact. The first is the wide range of products; combined with their many ways to save by bundling varying protections together, it's possible to get very good coverage for everything that you would want to insure all with intact. Having all of your coverage in one place, with a carrier such as Intact, can make things easier and provide peace of mind that your coverage will be handled without conflict between different providers in the case of a large disaster.

What Types Of Coverage Does Intact Insurance Cover?

Intact Insurance offers many types of insurance coverages for all of your personal and commercial needs to ensure you're properly covered. Between home insurance, car insurance, and business insurance, there's a product option for you.

When you work with an Intact insurance broker like Morison Insurance, we will be happy to work with you to get you the best coverage for your insurance needs with Intact.

Home Insurance 

Intact has a wide variety of home insurance options. Whether you own your own home, are renting, or are looking to protect a summer cottage, some of your home-based activities can also be covered. Speak with an Intact insurance broker who will ensure you have the best insurance protection.

Condo Insurance 

Intact's condo insurance will cover both the common elements in your building and the upgrades to your unit. In the event that an emergency restricts you from living within your unit, you and your belongings will be covered.

Cottage Insurance 

Did you know that your cottage insurance coverage can be changed based on how long you use your home away from home? Ask an Intact insurance broker how you can save by adapting your insurance coverage to your specific needs.

Do you have a boathouse, shed, or bunkhouse on your property? We've got the options that will make sure all buildings on your property are covered.

Home-Based Business Insurance 

You need certain things to run your business successfully. Furniture, equipment, products, goods, and digital assets like computers and cell phones can be covered under our comprehensive home-based business insurance coverage. Each situation is different, so speak with an Intact insurance broker who can tailor a policy based on your needs.

House Insurance

In the event of an emergency or other damage, you want to know that your home is protected. Home insurance through Intact ensures your home is covered. Just like with their car insurance policies, Intact's house and home insurance policies have changed to adapt to modern living. That's why their policies now include $25,000 of coverage for audio and video equipment and up to $10,000 for personal collections. Speak with an Intact insurance broker who will help you get the best coverage for your home.

Identity Theft Insurance 

my Identity™ provides you with coverage for identity theft insurance, cyber protection, consumer dispute coverage, and a 24/7 legal information service phone line. You are able to get advice through this coverage for personal legal matters, such as identity theft, landlord and tenant issues, employment law, family law, and cyber events. Coverage extends to anyone living within your household, even when your children are away from home for school, college, or university.

Intact Prestige 

No client is out of Intact's range. If the items you wish to insure are of the high-end variety, Intact Prestige is for you. Intact Prestige allows you to tailor your coverage to your unique lifestyle, allowing for a custom-built plan that bundles together many high-level items.

Rented Dwellings Insurance 

Your rented house, condo or apartment can be covered under two different rented dwelling insurance programs: Rented Dwelling Comprehensive and Rented Dwelling Fire and Extended.

Tenant Insurance 

If you rent your home, your belongings are not covered under your landlord's property insurance. In the case of a fire, theft, or damage, you are at risk. Protect yourself and your personal belongings with a tenant insurance package.

A variety of Home Savings Programs have been developed to save you more on insurance. Intact clients can take advantage of the Lifestyle Advantage program, home and auto bundling discounts, and group policies to save on costs.

Auto Insurance 

Insure all of your personal vehicles under Intact's comprehensive coverage options. Whether you're driving to work, off-roading or hitting the open water, your vehicle will be covered with the right auto insurance policy. When you speak with an Intact insurance broker, you will have peace of mind knowing you have the right auto coverage.

ATV Insurance

ATV Insurance is designed to protect you regardless of whether or not you have any other insurance products with Intact. Talk to your Intact insurance broker to find out the types of coverage you can insure your all-terrain vehicle for.

Boat Insurance

We know how much your watercraft means to you. That's why Intact has created tailored boat insurance coverage options that ensure your personal watercraft has a policy that fits your needs. Talk to an Intact insurance broker to find the policy that will keep you and your favourite summer toy covered all year long.

Car Insurance

Cars have changed a lot over the last 100 years, which is why Intact continues to keep its car insurance options up to date. Intact policies provide you with tailored coverage that will fit your specific vehicle, needs, circumstances, and budget. If you have an awesome driving record, Intact will reward you for that! Their my Drive program rewards you for safe driving by offering savings of up to 25% on your insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance

Hit the open road this summer knowing that you and your motorcycle are covered. Get peace of mind by adding additional coverage to your motorcycle insurance plan, including 24/7 roadside assistance in Canada and the United States and payment for the bike's value without depreciation in the event of a loss.

RV Insurance 

our Intact insurance broker has got you covered for your personal RV and Motorhomes. Choosing recreational vehicle insurance through Intact means choosing a variety of benefits, such as comprehensive roadside assistance. Travel confidently, knowing you and your family are covered if you need a roadside tire change, emergency gas delivery, towing, and more.

Snowmobile Insurance

Your snowmobile is part of your lifestyle - which is why Intact Insurance created an insurance package to keep you and your snowmobile covered. Comfortably travel for leisure while feeling supported by our coverage for trips within Canada and the United States. Enjoy additional savings when you bundle snowmobile insurance with other products, install a recognized anti-theft system, or join recognized recreational vehicle associations or clubs.

Intact clients also have the benefit of having access to special vehicle discounts and programs, including the my Drive Discount, Home and Auto Bundling, and Uber protection. Your Intact insurance broker will ensure you get all the discounts you qualify for.

Business Insurance 

Just like our coverage for your home or vehicles, our diverse commercial insurance programs ensure your business is protected from all angles. Speak with an Intact insurance broker who will ensure your business has the right amount of coverage.

Commercial Property Liability Protection 

An Intact Insurance commercial policy can cover a wide variety of assets, including your building, inventory, equipment, electronics, and more. Ensure you are protected with business interruption insurance. This includes loss of income due to your business not being able to operate due to an insured loss such as a fire or water damage. 

Coverage Extensions can be added to cover damages incurred by earthquakes, flooding, and sewer back-up.

Equipment Breakdown insurance covers your business against a variety of equipment failures to your heating system, refrigeration system, production machinery. This type of coverage can  also be written as a stand-alone insurance policy and will cover the repair or replacement of the insured equipment.

Crime coverage protects your business against a variety of instances, including theft of money, robbery, fraud, and employee dishonesty. Adding Social Engineering Fraud protection will protect your assets from persons who are illegally misrepresenting themselves as vendors, clients, or employees.

Your dedicated Intact Insurance broker can help determine the exact amount of coverage you require to ensure your business is protected should anything happen.

Commercial Vehicle Coverage 

Intact can cover your commercial auto or fleet insurance.

Liability Insurance 

Intact Insurance can also protect you and your business from many potential legal situations. The most all-encompassing form of protection in this case is commercial general liability insurance, which protects you from Third-Party bodily injury and property damage claims. It ensures that even in the case of a large slip-up, your business will be able to continue to run smoothly.

Depending on your business, another important consideration is Errors and Omissions Liability insurance. Errors & Omissions Liability insurance protects you in the event you are being held negligent for advice you have provided due to a miscalculation on your part. 

Industry-Specific Insurance 

We know that each industry has different requirements when it comes to insurance. Because of this, Intact has created packages that are tailored to the specific environment that you operate within. An Intact Insurance broker can help you ensure you have the best insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you own apartment buildings or commercial plazas, insurance can protect you from a variety of unwanted issues. Somewhat unique to the commercial real estate industry, coverage to consider includes building coverage, loss of income, equipment breakdown, and premises liability. It is also important to know what coverage your tenants should be required to carry as an added protection for your business.

Contractors and Construction Businesses 

Do you operate commercial or mobile property? Do you have commercial vehicles used by employees? No matter the size of your operation, Intact has insurance options, including contractors insurance, construction insurance, and more, to keep you, your employees, and your assets safe.

Farming Insurance 

Agri-business can have some of the most unique insurance needs. From protection for your products and equipment to coverage for your livestock, farm insurance needs are as diverse as the job itself. Your Intact Insurance broker will ensure that your farming operation has the right levels of coverage tailored to your specific needs.

Forestry Insurance 

While there are a variety of different businesses and fields within forestry, you need the right insurance for your needs. Whether you're in consulting, building, manufacturing, or ownership, your business would benefit from coverage. Some possible insurance coverage options may include firefighting expenses, pollution liability, and bodily injury/property damages.


Most of us see restaurants, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts as an oasis away from all of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. That is, of course, if operating the business IS your everyday life. Possible insurance options for the hospitality industry include business premises liability, host liquor liability, and building and contents insurance.

Personal Care and Beauty 

All operators within the personal care and beauty industry should consider protecting some of their most valuable assets. Intact provides hair salon and esthetician insurance. Whether you need protection against equipment breakdown or commercial property damages, an Intact Insurance broker can ensure you and your staff are protected.


Retailers deal with a wide variety of clients. From clothing to sporting goods to hobby stuff, retailers run the gamut of inventory and sell to almost everyone. 


Every business deserves the peace of mind that comes with being insured. Whether you're in charge of a financial institution, entertainment, or some other more specialized industry, there is a solid chance Intact can cover you.

Customer-First Intact Insurance Brokers 

Intact has made a point of creating a service offering that puts the customer first. Years of building vast financial resources and experience have allowed Intact to offer a variety of advantages to the customer, including passing along savings and discounts. Ontarians have been reaping the rewards of this expertise for years while also cashing in on the following benefits:

  • Customer-First Focus: Rest assured that your insurance claim will be completed quickly, as we've implemented a policy that ensures your claim is started within 30 minutes of receiving your phone call.
  • My Lifestyle Advantage: The My Lifestyle Advantage insurance package rewards homeowners for any proactive measures taken to further protect their homes. From alarm systems to indicators, clients who take steps to make their homes safer are rewarded through this program.
  • My Driving Discount: Drivers with strong driving records can receive up to 25% off their insurance!

Your Intact insurance broker can help ensure that you benefit from these advantages and discounts offered by Intact.

Where Can I Get An Intact Insurance Broker Quote?

You can get an Intact Insurance quote from Morison Insurance. Our Intact insurance broker experts will ensure you get the best coverage at a competitive price. We will compare multiple quotes from Ontario's leading insurance companies and can ensure Intact Insurance is one of the quotes provided to you.

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