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Intact Prestige Insurance Brokers

Whether you love nothing better than hitting the lake every summer weekend in your high-performance boat or you prefer to spend your free time holding tastings for your friends in your wine cellar, Intact Prestige Insurance has perfectly-tailored insurance solutions to give you peace of mind that your most valued belongings are protected against financial loss. Intact Prestige Insurance brokers offer personalized insurance coverage combined with outstanding service from coast to coast, from your high-value home and cottage to your luxury car and boat.

Speak to a licensed broker at Morison Insurance today to get started on an Intact Prestige Insurance quote so you can rest easy knowing you are backed by financial protection in the event that your valuable property suffers damage from an insured cause or your family is subjected to legal action for personal liability claims.

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What Makes an Intact Prestige Insurance Broker the Right Choice?

Choosing the right insurance company for your unique needs is a big decision. There are some distinct reasons why calling an Intact Prestige Insurance broker may be the ideal choice for your luxury home, auto and lifestyle coverage. Intact Prestige Insurance is mainly known for its smooth, easy-to-manage claims process.

When disaster strikes or you're experiencing the upheaval of dealing with unexpected expenses, the last thing you want is a challenging, unsatisfying claims process that takes too long to get you the compensation you're entitled to. You never have to worry about that when you work with an Intact Prestige Insurance broker at Morison Insurance. The dedicated Intact Prestige Insurance claims team has the experience and skill to resolve your claim swiftly with claims service that operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

If your region experiences extreme weather events, you can expect Intact Prestige Insurance to spring into action with a nationwide response team dedicated to resolving emergency claims quickly and accurately. Intact Prestige Insurance focuses on a simple claims process combined with settlement options and advance payments designed to get you the financial support you need when you need it—not weeks or even months later.

Another significant advantage of working with an Intact Prestige Insurance broker for your insurance policy is that Intact Prestige Insurance offers complimentary appraisals for your luxurious home and valuable articles coverage. A knowledgeable appraisal expert will visit your home in person and take the time to thoroughly evaluate your house and valuable collections such as fine art, jewelry or wine. They will issue an appraisal report and present you with a comprehensive plan for coverage that ensures you have financial protection against all the risk exposures that are potentially damaging to your financial well-being.

What Coverages Are Available Through an Intact Prestige Insurance Broker?

If you have high-value properties, luxury vehicles and collections, it's well worth your time to consider choosing an Intact Prestige Insurance broker for your personal insurance coverage requirements. Whether you need a comprehensive bundle of insurance products to cover all your personal assets or you're looking for protection against financial loss for a single important asset, your Intact Prestige Insurance broker can help you find the right coverage to ensure you won't have to pay out of pocket for unexpected costs such as repair, replacement and restoration that are lost or damaged due to an insured cause.

Home Insurance

Your high-value home and everything within is among your most valuable and cherished possessions. But the reality is that everything can be taken away in one fell swoop by a severe event such as a natural disaster. If that happens, getting your home and life back to normal can be prohibitively difficult or virtually impossible without the financial backing of the right insurance for your high-value property with the help of your expert Intact Prestige Insurance broker.

Homeowner Insurance: If your primary dwelling is a free-standing house sitting on your owned land, it's critically important to ensure it's protected with the right high-value home insurance coverage from your Intact Prestige Insurance broker. You've invested your time, money and heart into making your house a home. With our help, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing those investments—including custom upgrades and betterments—are fully protected in the event of damage or destruction.

Condominium Insurance: Your condo or penthouse gives you the best of both worlds—a convenient location close to all the action and a relaxing haven where you can get above it all and enjoy your peace and quiet. But sharing a building with other homeowners does lead to some unique risk exposures. While your condominium corporation has insurance to cover common areas of the building, that coverage doesn't apply to your personal unit. Your Intact Prestige Insurance broker will tailor your condominium insurance to reflect the financial protection that you need most according to factors such as location, building specifications and much more.

Tenant Insurance: Not everyone owns their own home, but everyone has belongings that would be difficult to repair or replace if damaged or stolen. If you are currently renting, it's critically important to ensure your possessions are covered by calling your Intact Prestige Insurance broker for tenant insurance quotes. From furniture and clothing to collectors' items and electronics, get the financial support you need to protect all the essential items you need to go about your daily life.

Seasonal Property Insurance: There's nothing quite like getting out to the cottage for summer fun at the lake or heading to the chalet for a winter ski weekend. While you may not use those properties as often as your primary dwelling, they are important parts of your family life where all the best memories are made. Preserve your seasonal property by contacting your Intact Prestige Insurance broker at Morison Insurance to get the right coverage for your chalet, cabin or cottage insurance so your seasonal property can be repaired or restored following damage, theft or vandalism.

Valuable Articles Insurance

We all have unique interests that fuel our lifestyle and spending choices, along with particular belongings that connect us to the history of our families and friends. Whether you are a cycling enthusiast with a high-value bicycle or inherited beautiful, vintage jewelry from your grandmother, those items would be difficult or even impossible to replace if you lost them due to factors such as natural disasters or theft. In those unpleasant circumstances, avoid adding insult to injury with insurance for your valuable articles from your Intact Prestige Insurance broker that will give you financial compensation to rebuild your collection your way.

Auto Insurance

Your vehicle does more than get you from point A to point B. It represents your personal brand and reflects your identity to the outside world. With the right luxury car insurance coverage from your Intact Prestige Insurance broker at Morison Insurance, you can make sure you have the financial protection in place to repair or replace your vehicle with one of similar value should you be in an automobile accident or if your vehicle suffers damage from factors such as hail storms or vandalism.

Watercraft Insurance

When you're out on the water, wind in your face, you can forget all the troubles and cares of the everyday world. With help from an Intact Prestige Insurance broker, you can make sure your lake or ocean getaway is always available to you, no matter what happens. Intact Prestige Insurance offers watercraft insurance for motorboats, sailboats, yachts, personal watercraft and more that includes emergency towing coverage, guaranteed replacement cost and mechanical breakdown. Speak to your dedicated broker at Intact Prestige Insurance about rewards for damage mitigation efforts and other advantages.

Personal Liability Insurance

Regardless of how cautious and conscientious you and your family are in your day-to-day lives, there's always the possibility of an incident or allegation that could cause you to need legal services. Personal liability insurance is a type of coverage your Intact Prestige Insurance broker can add to your primary residence policy. Hence, you can get insurance compensation for legal defence fees, settlement costs and more. Intact Prestige Insurance offers personal liability insurance solutions such as:

Cyber Protection: We all rely on mobile phones, computers and connectivity for so many things in life, and that reliance leaves us vulnerable to cyber criminals who are interested in gaining access to financial accounts, identity documents and more. Cyber protection is a type of personal liability that prevents you from paying out of pocket for unexpected expenses related to cyber attacks, online fraud, cyber extortion, and data breaches.

Personal Legal Expenses: If you find yourself in a situation where you are being litigated against or need to bring legal action against another party, you'll be glad to have personal legal expenses coverage through your Intact Prestige Insurance broker. With comprehensive coverage and high limits, count on extra-legal support such as a legal advice helpline.

Prestige Guard: This is a type of insurance coverage designed to provide financial protection in situations related to home invasions, abduction, hijacking, stalking and more for all the members of your household. Prestige Guard applies to costs such as medical bills, recuperation period, temporary relocation, security expenses and more.

Can I Bundle Home and Auto Coverage With an Intact Prestige Insurance Broker?

Yes, bundling your high-value home and luxury car insurance together is possible through an Intact Prestige Insurance broker, and it's recommended as you can access combined policy discounts. Speak with your Intact Prestige Insurance broker at Morison Insurance to learn more about how to bundle your coverage onto one policy and discounts for other reasons, such as flood mitigation measures like sump pump installation or security measures like an alarm system.

Who Owns Intact Prestige Insurance?

Intact Prestige Insurance is a part of the Intact Financial Corporation, Canada's largest provider of property and casualty insurance and a major provider of specialty insurance throughout North America. With 16,000 employees serving more than five million clients in Canada and the United States with over $20 billion in total annual premiums, Intact Financial Corporation is a widely-recognized and trusted insurance brand that originated in Canada in 1809 and has spent more than 200 years building on successes to provide financial protection to personal insurance policyholders in Canada and the United States.

What Do Clients Like Most About Intact Prestige Insurance?

Clients tell the Intact Prestige Insurance brokers at Morison Insurance that they appreciate the complimentary appraisals and the ability to combine insurance coverage for a luxury home, auto and personal effects such as jewelry, fine art, wine collections and more. Clients also appreciate that Intact Prestige Insurance has a solid reputation built on years of outstanding customer service and demonstrates reassuring financial stability.

Where Can I Contact an Intact Prestige Insurance Broker?

When you're ready to get started on an Intact Prestige Insurance quote for your high-value home, luxury automobile, valuable articles, watercraft, or personal liability insurance, give the experienced team at Morison Insurance a call to speak directly to a dedicated broker. Our Intact Prestige Insurance brokers are very familiar with the insurance products Intact Prestige has to offer. One of the most significant benefits of working with Morison Insurance is that our licensed brokers work for you rather than the insurance company. That means your dedicated broker will tirelessly ensure you have the best coverage to protect you against financial loss. Call us today at 1-800-463-8074 or fill out the online form to contact a licensed Intact Prestige Insurance broker.


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