All You Need to Know About Ontario's Car Tag Program

Tracking Car Tag Program FAQ: How It Works and Why You Should Consider It  

Did you know that as of 2023, a car is stolen every five minutes in Canada? Auto theft is rising at an alarming rate between 2021 and 2023. Vehicle theft rates increased by a staggering 48.2% in Ontario alone, and the increase was even higher in Quebec at 57.9%, according to the 2023 Auto Theft Trend Report from Équité Association. That means Canadian vehicle owners can no longer afford to sit idly by without taking concrete measures to ensure the safety of their vehicles and protect their investments.   

When it comes to devices and systems designed to prevent vehicle theft or help recover a vehicle after it has been stolen, it's well worth considering installing an anti-theft car tag program such as Tag Tracking. Here are the answers to some common questions about car tag systems and how they can benefit Ontario drivers.   

What is Tag Tracking?  

Some anti-theft devices focus on deterring or preventing theft, while others exist to increase the probability that a vehicle will be recovered after it has been stolen. Tag Tracking systems do both, which is why they're an increasingly popular option for Ontario drivers and are highly recommended by auto insurance companies.   

There are several types of aftermarket anti-theft tracking systems available in Canada, but tag tracking is the preferred option by the majority of Canadian insurance providers. It is developed and manufactured in Canada and has a decade-long track record of both preventing theft and helping to ensure that vehicles are quickly recovered if they are stolen.   

How Does a Tag Anti-Theft System Work?  

Tag Tracking is an electronic identification system. It uses multiple wireless tracking devices that are very difficult to find and nearly impossible to remove locations in a vehicle. If one tracker is disabled, the others are still present to help law enforcement officials find and recover the car or truck. These tiny RFID transponders are installed on car parts that are most likely to be stolen, so if the vehicle is dismantled, the serial number on the transponder will identify the parts as stolen and make them much more difficult to sell on the auto parts market.   

Tag Tracking's RFID transponders also have a unique anti-jamming technology embedded in them to prevent criminals from jamming the signal. This means the vehicle can continue to be tracked even if jamming technology is used to block the tracking capabilities. The anti-jamming technology combines a secure communication protocol that ensures the signal will get through no matter where the vehicle is taken. Finally, a discrete logo is etched on the driver's and front passenger's windows as a deterrent method. This might not seem like it would deter theft, but it can be surprisingly effective as Tag Tracking is known to criminals as an anti-theft tracking system that is extremely difficult to dismantle or bypass.   

Can a Car Tag System Lower My Auto Insurance Premiums?  

Potentially, yes. Many insurance companies currently offer discounts on car insurance premiums for vehicles with a Tag anti-theft system installed. Whether there is a discount or how much it is depends on the insurance provider, so if you're considering getting a Tag Tracking system, it makes sense to contact your insurance broker at Morison Insurance first and get their professional advice on what you can expect in terms of discounted auto insurance rates. The best time to do this is shortly before your car insurance is up for renewal so you can switch to a different insurance company without penalty if that is the right move for your particular insurance needs.   

It's also important to remember that even if your insurance provider does offer a discount for a Tag-Tracking installation, your premiums are determined by a wide range of factors, such as your level of driving experience and your previous insurance claims history. This is why it's not a simple yes or no answer as to whether you will see a difference in the costs of your auto insurance policy.   

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Tag Tracking System?  

That depends on many factors, but if you opt to have a Tag-Tracking installation for your car tag program, it will likely cost between $250 and $400.   

That being said, insurance companies are interested in having their customers use Tag Tracking systems, and for a good reason,—car tag programs are very effective at reducing theft and ensuring a vehicle can be recovered after a theft takes place. That seriously reduces the number of claims filed to get insurance compensation to replace a stolen vehicle, which is obviously a very good thing for both car owners and auto insurance providers.   

As a result, some insurance companies are incentivizing policyholders by offering to pay for Tag Tracking installation for customers with certain vehicles highly sought-after by car thieves. What is considered a high-risk vehicle or an eligible vehicle model will vary depending on the insurance company, so rely on your experienced Morison Insurance broker to give you more information about whether you can get the cost of Tag Tracking installation reimbursed by your insurance company.   

What Are the Other Benefits of an Anti-Theft Tracking Device?  

Aside from the potential for discounts on your auto insurance premiums and a rebate on installation fee from your insurance company, some big benefits come with using a car tag program. Some key advantages are:   

  • Deters Theft: We all know that the best-case scenario is never having your vehicle stolen in the first place, and Tag Tracking does cause criminals to think twice when they see the logo etched into a vehicle window. This particular car tag program dramatically increases risk levels for criminals by making it much more likely that the vehicle will be recovered and they'll be arrested or that they simply won't be able to sell high-value parts on the secondhand auto parts market.   
  • Increases Probability of Quick Recovery: If your motor vehicle is stolen, you naturally want to get it back as quickly as possible. Why does it matter if it's quick? The longer the period between the theft and the recovery, the greater the likelihood that the vehicle has been chopped up for parts, repainted, or in some other way altered or destroyed. A good car tag program doesn't just help police officers in vehicle recovery; it helps them find it fast in a situation where every minute counts.   
  • Makes It Easier to Get Help in an Emergency: This perk isn't about theft at all, but it's still a bonus for your personal safety. If you're in a crash or breakdown in a remote area, you can use your car tag program to give emergency responders your exact location so they can find you quickly and get you the help you need without delay.   

Will Tag Tracking Installation Void the Warranty on My Car?  

There's no need to worry about Tag Tracking interfering with or voiding your vehicle's warranty because it is not installed on your vehicle's electrical system. Unlike some other types of car tag programs on the market today, it's completely wireless. While it is an aftermarket modification, it doesn't violate the terms of your car warranty or your leasing agreement and will not alter or damage the functionality of your vehicle.   

Can a Tag Tracking System Be Transferred to a Different Vehicle or a New Owner?  

Because of the way it is installed, with multiple RFID transponders hidden in difficult-to-reach areas of your vehicle, it can not be transferred to a different car. If you purchase a new vehicle, you must install a new Tag Tracking system. That being said, if you sell your car to a new owner and they want to transfer the Tag Tracking service to their name, that is entirely possible. You just need to contact the company and have the car tag program registered under the new owner's name for a small fee.   

Is Installing a Car Tag Program Mandatory?  

The government does not require you to use a car tag program in Ontario, so it's not legally mandatory. However, it is worth noting that some insurance companies have already begun to require that owners of certain types of vehicles use a program such as Tag Tracking to get car insurance. If the car insurance company you have a policy with has a requirement or decides to implement one, you could switch to another insurance provider—but it does seem like the trend is moving toward most insurance providers requiring a car tag program, at least for vehicles with a high theft risk level.   

Will a Car Tag Program Monitor My Driving Habits?  

You may be worried that a car tag program such as Tag Tracking will record information such as your speed or braking time and report it to your insurance company or other parties, but there's no need for concern. Your car tag program can only be used to determine the location of your vehicle, and that only happens after you've contacted the company and requested that they begin tracking.   

Suppose you are interested in learning more data about your driving habits, or you'd like to get a discount on your insurance rates for safe, cautious driving practices. In that case, it's well worth considering the option of telematics insurance or usage-based insurance (UBI). Unlike a car tag program, telematics and usage-based insurance involve having a device voluntarily installed in your vehicle that monitors data such as your driving speed, braking speed, cornering and more. If you're a careful, defensive driver, your UBI data proves that and can net you a reduced rate on your auto insurance premiums.   

What Do I Do If My Car With Tag Tracking Is Stolen?  

If you head out of the parking lot after work or with an armload of groceries and your vehicle with Tag Tracking installed is nowhere to be seen, there are two key steps to follow as quickly as possible so the recovery process can get started:   

  • Call the police and report your vehicle stolen. They will provide you with a police event number, which you should note down carefully as you'll need to give it to the customer support team at Tag Tracking.   
  • Next, call Tag Tracking and give them the police event number and your TAG ID number. They'll begin tracking the vehicle immediately and dispatch a tracking team with access to ground-based vehicles and light aircraft to find your vehicle regardless of challenging terrain.  

What Other Anti-Theft Devices Are Worth Considering Aside From a Car Tag Program in Ontario?  

There are a few devices out there that are designed to thwart would-be car thieves. Some of the options that are worth considering are:   

  • Audible alarm systems   
  • Steering wheel locks   
  • Kill switches   
  • Tire clamps   
  • Remote locks   
  • Dash cameras   
  • Electronic immobilizers   
  • Glass break and vehicle tilt sensors   
  • Faraday bags   

While these devices can help prevent theft, they don't help you recover your vehicle if it is stolen, like a car tag program in Ontario.   

How Can I Learn More About Car Tag Programs and How They Might Affect My Insurance?  

If you're looking for ways to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and possibly save money on your car insurance premiums, call your licensed broker at Morison Insurance. Our experienced team can let you know more about the effect that a car tag program can have on your auto insurance policy and help you find suitable options for your unique insurance needs.  

This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information in this article, you do so at your own risk. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

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