Home Safety Equipment Everyone Should Own

What Is The Importance Of Safety Equipment At Home?

Having the proper safety equipment at home is extremely important for protecting you, your loved ones, and any valuable possessions, not to mention your home itself. Home safety equipment can provide peace of mind regarding reducing the risks of emergencies and preventing extensive property damage. Practicing home safety with the correct equipment is important for all home members, regardless of age. Identifying potential hazards and reducing the risk of injury can be done when you begin to think of having home safety equipment.

Who Needs Home Safety Equipment?

If you have a home, whether that's an apartment, townhouse, traditional house, or anything in between, you should invest in home safety equipment. Emergency tools increase your personal safety, regardless of if you live alone, with family, or roommates. Adding simple equipment can prevent many dangers and protect some of the items that matter to you most.

Why Do I Need Safety Equipment at Home?

Everyone should own home safety equipment. You never really know when you will need it, but having the proper tools in an emergency situation at home can make all the difference in your safety. Home safety equipment can save the lives of you and your loved ones and prevent massive property damage, saving you substantial financial stress in the future. Some equipment is required by law to have in your home, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Other equipment can be an extra layer of protection and may even provide savings on your home insurance policy. Therefore, you need at least some safety equipment in your home.

What Safety Equipment Should I Have In My House?

Knowing what safety equipment to keep in your home can sometimes be daunting when you're not sure which emergency situations will arise. By thinking about how you want to be safe, it's easier to ensure you have the accompanying equipment. If you're worried about a fire, break-in, or other hazards to your home, be sure to acquire equipment such as a fire extinguisher, a safe, a smart doorbell, and a first aid kit.

Fire Safety Equipment

In the event of a fire, having the right equipment can help prevent major threats to you, your home, and your family's safety. We would never want you to have a fire within your home, but we do want you to be prepared and safe in the unfortunate event one occurs.

Smoke Alarms

The installation and upkeep of smoke alarms are extremely important for detecting any fires within your home. In Ontario, you legally must have a working smoke detector in any home, on all stories and outside of all bedrooms. It's also a good idea to frequently change the batteries in your smoke alarm. Fire safety experts recommend replacing the batteries approximately every six months or if a false alarm starts. Additionally, be sure to check your alarm's expiration date, as most alarms last up to 10 years and should be replaced immediately if they are no longer working.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Another piece of home safety equipment that is crucial for keeping you safe is a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that, when exposed, can be an extreme danger to you and your loved ones. This is why carbon monoxide detectors monitor the level within your home to ensure your safety and prevent devastating effects, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. While some carbon monoxide alarms are combined as a 2-in-1 with smoke alarms and can save the occasion of installation, one must be installed if your home has a fuel-burning appliance. 

Fire Extinguisher

Another piece of protective equipment that is useful in case of a fire in your home is a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher can make all the difference in stopping small-scale fires within your home. Store your fire extinguisher near your pre-established escape route and away from any potential fire hazards. It’s also safe to store a fire extinguisher in your kitchen as well. Be sure that you and all household members know where the extinguisher is located and understand how it operates prior to needing it.

Anti-Theft Security Equipment

To keep your home, belongings and family safe from a break-in or intruders, consider investing in anti-theft safety devices. In the worst-case scenario, these tools can make all the difference in your security.


Inside your home, acquiring a fire-proof safe can really be handy for protecting valuables such as family heirlooms or important documents like birth certificates. Should there be a home break-in, natural disaster, or fire, a safe can keep valuable items protected from harsh external elements that would otherwise damage them. Items of high value can be locked away for added safeguarding, making a safe the perfect solution for where to store items that are precious to you.

Alarm System

Another indoor security piece of equipment to have for home safety is an alarm system. Home alarm systems can assist in the security of your home by monitoring and fortifying the entrances to your home, like doors and windows, with devices such as sensors, motion detectors, or cameras. Many home security systems have built-in safety features like loud alarms that can alert both those inside your home and neighbours. Additionally, many home alarm systems are monitored by third-party security companies that can notify police, fire, or other emergency services during scenarios when it's needed. Not only can alarm systems provide peace of mind for home safety, but by installing this home safety equipment, you can potentially save on your home insurance with a home alarm insurance discount.

Deadbolt Locks

An added layer of security for your home are deadbolt locks. They are essential for a variety of scenarios where added protection is needed. By knowing one is installed, the likelihood of a robbery decreases significantly because deadbolt locks require a key and are more resistant to break-in attempts. Always keep your doors locked during everyday life to ensure your family and homes safety.

Smart Doorbell Or Security Cameras

The installation of security cameras or a smart doorbell with video and audio recording capabilities can really help improve the safety of your home. These devices can allow you to monitor the exterior of your home via a phone app or computer and ensure everything looks in order, regardless of whether you are at home or not. Smart doorbells provide a combination of security, convenience and connectivity that you would not be able to get with a regular doorbell. Security cameras can also be placed to view multiple areas outside your home, including your front yard and backyard. They may also be useful for identifying a culprit if a break-in occurs. Many security cameras and smart doorbells are equipped with infrared night vision, so you can also be wary of any intruders at night. Having these additional monitoring devices can be an added level of safety for surveillance.

Motion Detector Lights

Another item of home safety equipment that could be useful is motion detector lights. Sometimes referred to as emergency lights or floodlights, motion detector lights are ideal for increasing visibility to the exterior of your home, which can scare off potential threats or intruders looking to get into your home. Most criminals do not want to be seen and attempt to sneak around in the dark to stay hidden while breaking in. That's why having these bright lights that turn on when someone gets too close to your home brings attention to anyone trying to jeopardize your safety and security.

Other Home Safety Equipment

There are various safety emergencies that could occur in your home and knowing how to be prepared for them with the right home safety equipment can make a real difference. Say your loved one experiences a minor injury in your home, knowing that you have the right tools to remedy that person will provide you relief. 

Stocked First Aid Kit

Being prepared for most injuries with a fully stocked first aid kit can be a necessity for any home. You can either purchase a ready-to-go first aid kit, or assemble one yourself with the necessary supplies. Some common items to have in a first aid kit include:

  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Adhesive tape and bandages
  • Scissors
  • Fine-point tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Roller bandages
  • Disposable gloves
  • Alcohol-based antiseptic wipes 
  • Antibiotic ointment

Tailoring your first aid kit or adding additional items might be needed depending on the medical requirements of your household. Keep the kit in a centralized location that all members can remember and have access to.


Keep any children in your home safe by childproofing your home and preventing any avoidable injuries from occurring. Childproofing could be the installation of home safety equipment like outlet covers, stove-knob covers, and child-safe locks on doors, cabinets, and drawers. Making sure electrical cords are not accessible, and stairwells are protected with safety gates are additional ways to childproof your home. Ensuring all kids safety within the home is much easier after placing effective home safety products and allows kids to explore worry-free.

Where Should I Store My Home Safety Equipment?

Storing your home safety equipment can sometimes be just as important as the equipment itself. Each item has its own conditions for ideal storage depending on what it's needed for. Having an emergency escape plan in case of a fire can help you prepare where to store your fire safety equipment based on the pre-established route you have chosen. For example, many people prefer to store a fire extinguisher under their kitchen sink because fires can be most likely to start from the typical appliances in a kitchen compared to the rest of the house. Front hall closets can be ideal for some equipment storage, and bathroom cabinets are a common spot to store first aid kits. Regardless of the spot you choose, you should know ahead of time where all safety equipment is stored in your home so there is no wasted time during a real emergency.

Where Can I Buy Home Safety Equipment?

Home safety equipment is something that everyone needs, so many major department stores sell the items that you may be looking for. Throughout Canada, home safety and security goods can be ready to purchase both online and in-store. This could include stores such as Canadian Tire, Best Buy, The Home Depot, and even Amazon. Be sure to double-check that you are purchasing the right type of equipment for your home when you buy these items. 

How Can I Prevent Needing To Use Home Safety Equipment?

You can prevent the need to use your home safety equipment by recognizing potential hazards and adjusting risky behaviour to prevent emergencies. For example, if you are a smoker, doing things like not smoking inside where ash embers could catch fire, using an ashtray, and putting lighters or matches in inaccessible areas for kids could significantly reduce the chances of a fire starting and thus reduce the need to use a fire extinguisher or have a smoke alarm go off.

Insuring Your Home

A good prevention strategy to safeguard your home is to make sure you have home insurance with a comprehensive package that covers all of your valuables. In the event that your home faces a breach in security, having the proper insurance coverage can make all the difference in your recovery from the event. Look into finding the right insurance fit for you by speaking to a dedicated expert broker at Morison Insurance today!

Better Safe Than Sorry

Ultimately, we want you to be safe by preparing for any emergencies with home safety equipment. Every bit of prevention counts! Protect the people and things that you care about most, and stay safe!

This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information in this article, you do so at your own risk. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

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