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Tips to Beat the Heat and Control Your Hydro Costs

Beat The Heat: How to Stay Cool and Reduce Hydro Costs

The summer heat is here. Beat the heat with these tips to keep you cool while also keeping your hydro costs in check.

  • Ceiling fans can help to keep you cool for less than the cost of air conditioning. Circulating the air makes you feel cooler even when it’s hot and sticky. Portable fans can also keep you cool. According to BC Hydro, a fan that is around 75 cm, will effectively cool a space up to around 50 square feet. To cool a larger room, you will need a fan about 125 to 135 cm.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Hydro One suggests setting your thermostat to 25C when you are home and 28C when you are away.
  • If you use an air conditioner, make sure you choose the most energy efficient models available on the market.
  • A clean filter will enhance the performance of your furnace. A dirty filter makes it less efficient.
  • If possible, use a clothesline outdoors to dry your clothing. In the absence of a clothesline, you can hang cloths on patio furniture. Air-drying is FREE!!
  • Close your blinds or curtains during the day to help keep your home cooler inside.

Sources: BC Hydro and Hydro One

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