The Benefits of Speaking with An Insurance Broker When Buying Insurance (Instead of Trying to Do It All On Your Own, Online)

Insurance is all about providing protection

Why does anyone bother to purchase insurance in the first place? Because, if something bad happens, insurance will have your back. It is more than just protecting your car, home, or valuable items, it's about protecting you, your family, and your friends.

When you speak with a broker, you will get the best advice and the best insurance coverage. Beyond receiving professional advice from years of experience, insurance brokers are human too. We understand that life is complicated. It is this human touch that will help our insurance brokers give you accurate and helpful information tailored for your life.

Speak With An Insurance Broker - Morison Insurance - Ontario

Why buying insurance online may not be the right choice

In our online world, it may surprise you to learn that buying insurance online is not typically the best choice. It lacks specificity and accuracy. It might seem like you are getting a lower price, but in reality, you are probably paying for insurance that you don’t need and won’t be helpful when things go wrong. That’s like throwing away your money.

Let me tell you a story. Sharron is scrolling through her favourite social media platform when she sees an ad for a very cute and stylish coat. It is true that Sharron has never heard of the obscure retailer, but the price is unbeatable. She buys it thinking it will be perfect for chilly evenings out with her friends. But when it arrives five-weeks late and looks like it fell off the delivery truck a few times on a 400-series highway, Sharron becomes concerned. Unfortunately, her anxiety is confirmed the moment she puts the coat on and finds that there is a rip in the shoulder, more buttons than buttonholes, and offers the same amount of protection from the elements as a bathing suit in December. Poor Sharron.

Plot twist - Sharron’s story is really just a metaphor for online insurance products. The coat is the coverage you want for your car and the online retailer represents the obscure insurance provider.

Don’t be Sharron. Learn from Sharron. Talk to a broker.

The benefits of talking to a broker on the phone

You should speak with an insurance broker because when you talk to a broker you can be assured that you will have the proper protection, you will receive expert advice, eligible home discounts and auto discounts will be applied, they will compare quotes, and you will get an accurate quote the first time.

Talk To An Insurance Broker - Morison Insurance - Ontario

You will have the proper protection

When you use a broker to purchase insurance, we will work with you to find out exactly what you need and find the best price for it. With help from a broker, you can be confident that you are protected and have the support of our entire team behind you. That’s right, with us you can rest easy. Go ahead and put your feet up. You deserve it.

You will receive expert advice

When purchasing insurance online, you lack expert advice from an insurance broker. Insurance brokers think about insurance so that you don’t have to. Each of our brokers has years of experience and training in all types of insurance such as home insurance, auto insurance, secondary home insurance, boat insurance, travel trailer insurance, and much more. Speak to an insurance broker, we will be able to give you expert advice tailored to your specific needs.

Eligible discounts will be applied

Brokers are just like you and we know the value in saving money where you can. With our years of experience and expert vantage point we know which discounts are available and will apply them for you! This means that you can save without sacrificing your coverage.

When you use an online quoting tool to purchase your insurance, discounts may not be added to your policy, meaning you miss out on money-saving opportunities. Speak with an insurance broker who will ensure you get all the insurance discounts you qualify for.

We will compare quotes

It’s a big, wild insurance world out there, and it's hard to know if the quote you are getting is actually the best option. The only way to be sure is by comparing quotes from different companies. Who has time for that? Brokers do! We will compare quotes and present you with the options that have the best coverage at the right price. It is like we are a concierge, but for your wallet.

Without the use of a broker, you will have to get multiple quotes from many different insurance companies on your own. We know you have better things to do than shop around for insurance. Let our brokers do the work for you.

You will get an accurate quote the first time

Brokers can give you a quote you can trust, unlike online quoting tools. We make it our priority to be thorough and upfront from the start. With a broker there will not be any surprise costs or sneaky service fees. You can be sure that the quote you get is coverage you can trust.

Why You Should Speak With An Insurance Broker - Morison Insurance - Ontario

The price you pay for buying the wrong insurance policy

You may be more inclined to go for a policy that is slightly less expensive, but you get what you pay for. Or, more accurately, you don’t get what you pay for. A few dollars in savings on the wrong insurance policy might end up costing you thousands more if your policy is the wrong one for you.

Imagine finding an insurance policy for $1,000 instead of the $1,500 you found through a broker. You feel like a lucky-duck who is on cloud nine right up until the moment you are told that you actually do not have coverage for the water that flooded your basement and is now seeping through your shoes and around your toes.  Oh, did I forget to mention that the cost of stopping the flood and cleaning your basement will be in thousands? But, hey - at least you have that $500.

Speak with an insurance broker who will ensure you have the best insurance coverage at the right price.

Get the right coverage, and the right price, from expert insurance brokers the first time

The biggest barrier to getting the right coverage at the best price is 10-minutes. That's less time than it takes most people to wait in line at their favourite coffee shop. We understand that talking insurance might not be your idea of a fun time, but when things go wrong you will be glad that you did.


This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. It is provided for general information only. Insurance needs differ from person to person, and this article is therefore not a substitute for professional advice about your individual insurance needs which can be obtained by speaking to one of our brokers.

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