Will Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?

What to do with Windshield Damage

Every driver has experienced some sort of windshield damage while behind the wheel. Regardless of where you are, debris is everywhere - whether you’re driving on a busy road, driving through a construction site, or parked under a tree. More often than not you’re driving down a busy road and either the car you’re following behind, or a car in passing throws a stone that chips or cracks your windshield. Most people’s first thought is “now what do I do?”

First of all the severity of the damage needs to be accessed. Generally, the damage is minimal and you see a tiny crack, or a small round cluster of little cracks. As long the crack did not penetrate through the glass completely, the windshield is generally fixable. If the crack is longer than 4-5 inches, or penetrates through the glass completely, the windshield will unfortunately have to be replaced.

If the windshield is fixable, the repair process is actually quite quick and simple, which many people are unaware of. If you carry comprehensive coverage on the damaged vehicle, you can simply bring your vehicle to any glass expert such as Apple Auto Glass or Speedy Auto Glass for repairs. The glass experts will confirm with you if the windshield is repairable, or if it must be replaced all together. If repairable, they will confirm your car insurance with you - as long as you have your pink liability card you have all the information they need! The glass experts will fix the damage, and will automatically submit their invoice directly to your insurance company. The benefit is there is absolutely no cost to you.

If the windshield damage is beyond repair and must be replaced, the glass experts will confirm insurance with you, replace your windshield, submit the invoice to the insurance Company, and will release the vehicle to you once you have paid for the deductible.

In summary, if you ever fall victim to a chipped or cracked windshield, please do not hesitate to call your insurance broker, as it may be replaced at no cost to you!


This blog is provided for information only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Please call our Morison Insurance brokers at 1-800-463-8074 for more information.

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