Prepare your home with these Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is such an exciting time of year. Finally, we are released from winter's icy grip, and warm sunny days are ahead. When spring fever takes hold, embrace it.

For everyone eager to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring, this article is for you. We want to celebrate and help you prepare. Our Morison Insurance team has created a spring home maintenance checklist with tips on how you can get your home ready for spring.

Prepping for spring brings feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. You're not rushing to get your outdoor furniture out or track down an air conditioning expert when it's already warmer weather. You're ready for the season.

Why is spring home maintenance important?

Keeping your home in good shape with regular maintenance protects one of your largest financial investments— your home. A well-maintained home may fetch a higher price if you sell in the future.

A well-maintained home is also a great way to manage the cost of home insurance. For example, an insurance broker can get competitive quotes with preferred rates if your roof is maintained, your furnace is less than 20 years old, and your plumbing and electrical services are up to date.

So what spring home maintenance items are on your to-do list? Consider your goals. Do you need a new BBQ? Do your windows need cleaning? Are there larger projects you want to complete, such as painting or a reno? How much do you want to spend?

Interior spring home maintenance Checklist

A great way to start your spring cleaning is by tackling items inside the house. Go room by room and follow these interior spring home maintenance tips.

House-wide spring maintenance tips:

  • Start your spring cleaning by opening the windows or doors for air and ventilating your home. Bring in the breeze and let the fresh air clear out your home after months of cocooning and heating. Fresh air feels so good!
  • Are your windows cloudy, gritty? If you want a clean window, you can wash them yourself or hire a window cleaning service. Window cleaners can be worth their weight in gold, bringing clarity and sparkle quickly.
  • Dusting and vacuuming all baseboards and trim tops our list. Dust collects in nooks, crannies and corners. Using the brush tool on your vacuum makes the job easier.
  • Light fixtures will twinkle after a wipe with a damp cloth. A vinegar and water solution is the perfect combo. Take time to enjoy the sparkle after the job is done.
  • Spring is the perfect time to check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire prevention experts recommend regularly changing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and testing alarms monthly. Replace smoke alarms every ten years. Check manufacturer's instructions for safety recommendations. The Government of Canada provides home fire safety tips, including where a fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors should be located in your home. Take time to make sure your home is as fire and C02 safe as possible.
  • Clean air ducts improve air quality in your home and help your furnace and air conditioning units work more efficiently. Apart from vacuuming accessible vents near heating registers, this is a task probably best left to professionals.
  • Give your carpets a good clean with a carpet cleaning solution. When you clean your carpets, it will remove all the dirt, dust mites, and bacteria and leave your carpets smelling fresh.
  • Create or update a home inventory list. This list is a complete documented inventory of all the possessions of your home incase of they are destroyed or stolen. This document can assist in ensuring you receive the necessary funds to replace those items.

Kitchen tips:

  • Wipe your kitchen cabinets. This is an easy home maintenance task, and you may be surprised at how awesome they will look after fingerprints, food splashes and other grime are removed.
  • Remember the salad dressing that's been languishing in your refrigerator for months? Aged condiments? The green mystery cheese? Clean your refrigerator and anything that's not good anymore. Wipe the fridge and change the filter if needed. This can also be done to your freezer.
  • Clean your oven. Remnants of baking and broiling are encrusted inside your oven over the winter months. Sounds awful, right? This task is well worth the effort. It's also super easy if you have a self-cleaning range.
  • Show your dishwasher some love. When you think about how many dishes go through your dishwasher regularly, it makes sense that it needs cleaning. Store-bought dishwasher cleansers work wonders. Empty and rinse the machine's drain basket -it's incredible what can collect here, everything from dried food to bits of plastic.
  • Your kitchen range hood works hard managing grease, smoke and smells. Give it a cleaning and change or wash the filter.
  • Vacuum behind appliances where dust, sometimes the size of tumbleweeds, collects. (How it gets there is a curious topic for another day!) Refrigerator coils are prime areas for dust-busting. Removing dust can help your appliances run well and maybe longer too.
  • Check sinks and faucets for leaks. Ensure hoses to dishwashers and sink sprayers are in good shape. A small drip can cause damage over time, and a minor water issue can become a major problem quickly.

Bathroom tips:

  • Fix clogged and slow-to-drain pipes. Make sure everything is flowing as it should be. Again, water can cause plenty of damage.
  • You should also check for leaky pipes. Most minor water leaks can be easy and inexpensive to repair.
  • Check caulking around tubs, toilets and sinks. Are repairs needed to avoid any water issues? These can be easy to fix with a tube of caulking.

Laundry room tips:

  • Fix plumbing problems. Many of the plumbing concerns in bathrooms are also in laundry rooms. Similar water damage issues exist with washing machines and laundry sinks. Check to ensure the washing machine hoses are secure and in good shape. Check caulking and fix anything faulty or worn. Check the plumbing vents and resolve any drainage issues.
  • Laundry rooms seem to be magnets for dust. If you don't clean your clothes dryer lint trap regularly, it's a good idea to do this. Air flows more easily through a clean trap. Also, check the dryer venting hose and exterior dryer vent. Lint can build up and restrict the flow of air. Remember that dryers are hot and lint is flammable.

Furnace and air conditioning tips:

  • Do spring home maintenance to your furnace and air conditioner to prevent future headaches. Hiring a professional is often best. Make sure the air conditioning is ready to go when warmer temperatures arrive. Change the furnace filters.

Bedroom tips:

  • Bedrooms benefit from a good dusting in spring. Open the windows and dust areas that aren't regularly dusted, such as under beds, behind headboards, and furniture.
  • Spring is a great time to go through your closet and purge any items you don't wear anymore. Donate them or give them to a friend!

Fireplace tips:

  • Empty ashes from your fireplace. For safety, make sure ashes are completely out before emptying and use a fire-safe container when emptying the firebox.
  • It is also essential to inspect your chimney's interior and exterior condition for signs of damage. If you are unsure of what to look for, you can also contact a professional chimney sweep to inspect for you.

Garage tips:

  • Organize and declutter. If you no longer need items, get rid of them. Instead of taking them to the dump or throwing them away, donate to others whenever possible.
  • Install shelves. If everything is a jumble, you'll never know what you have and won't find what you need when required. Shelves help you get organized. Break out the label maker to make finding your items more accessible.
  • Sweeping, washing and a general tidy-up go a long way to making your garage spring-ready.

Basement tips:

  • Tidy your basement living space. Many of the tips above will apply if you use your basement for living space. Clean, refresh and organize.
  • Spring is a perfect time to take inventory if your basement or part of it is for storage. Do you really need to keep your 40-year-old son's kindergarten drawings? Can someone else use old furniture you have stored for years? Get rid of anything you don't need.
  • Check your basement for leaks. Spring rains can lead to leaky basements. Check your basement window, sump pump, and exterior foundation to prevent any leaks from keeping your basement dry.

Add pizzazz with easy and inexpensive interior spring maintenance ideas:

Sometimes minor changes can make a significant difference. Here are some relatively inexpensive interior spring home maintenance upgrades to spruce up your home.

  • Replace light switch plates. These can look dated and even turn yellow over time. New covers look modern. This can be a good time to install light dimmers.
  • Freshen up with paint. Paint can work miracles. It can brighten your home, making it look new and clean. Paint a room, baseboard, trim. If you do the painting, the cost can be minimal, especially compared to the results.
  • Install a new light or lamp. New light fixtures can completely change a room. Lights can brighten and alter the mood of a room.
  • Rugs can get worn and soiled. A new area rug or runner doesn't have to cost a lot, but it can make an entry or room look loved and lovely.
  • Ditch your old towels. Towels can look worn and weary. Think of stubborn pasta sauce stains that won't go away? Or the towel used to dry the dog that will never be totally white again. New bathroom and kitchen towels can bring wow to these rooms. They also help you introduce new colours quickly and inexpensively.
  • Declutter to revive a cramped look in your home. Many consider organizer Marie Kondo the decluttering guru. We won't go toe-to-toe with Marie. Suffice to say that getting rid of stuff you no longer need or use can feel very good. You free up space and provide a more curated look. Store items you want to keep; others can find a second life when donated. The familiar reduce, reuse, recycle adage comes to mind here.
  • Bedroom makeovers are easy. Buy new bedding and pillows to provide a facelift. New bedding can be a game-changer.

Exterior spring home maintenance Checklist

Take a walk around your property in early spring. Look around, consider and assess the condition of your home's exterior and your property. Are your roof shingles curling? Is the backyard fence sagging or needing a new stain or paint? Below are some exterior spring home maintenance tips to consider.

Outdoor spring home maintenance tips:

  • Does your patio need repair, replacement or expansion? Does it need levelling? Some repairs can be completed on the weekend, while others may require hiring a landscaper or other professional. If you need expert help, contact someone early and get the work lined up before things get busy.
  • Do your fences need mending? Are they worn or tilting? Could your fence fall and possibly injure someone? It's best to tackle fence repairs in early spring before the backyard is heavily used. Maybe repair costs can be shared with your neighbour when you share the fence.
  • It is always good to inspect your gutters for any debris. Clogs in your gutters could cause damage to your roof and potentially result in water damage and costly repairs.
  • Check your homes foundation for cracks and gaps. Winter weather with freezing and thawing water can do a number on the foundation. If water seeps into a crack, one thing is certain: Water trickles down, and it may end up in your basement. An ounce of prevention by fixing cracks and gaps can avoid significant headaches later or costly repairs.
  • Grass grows crazy fast in the spring, so consider whether you want to cut your grass or not. If you hire a landscape or lawn cutting company, call early before their schedules are full. This is also an excellent time to consider your fertilizing and weed control needs. Many landscapers can help with these tasks, or you can purchase lawn maintenance products at a hardware store or nursery. For those who cut their own grass, check out the lawn mower. Make sure it works well, and the blades are sharp.
  • Are your roof shingles looking worn? Do they curl? Have some shingles blown off from a winter storm? Ageing shingles can't adequately protect your roof from water damage. A leaky roof can damage your attic and the inside of your home. This is best avoided. Also, a well-maintained roof will help keep your home insurance costs down.
  • A new coat of exterior paint goes a long way to improve the look of your home and provides extra protection for wood. If your home has brick, check for wear and tear. Hire a professional if repairs are needed.
  • When bringing out the patio furniture, see if a good cleaning is all that's needed. Is the furniture sturdy and safe? Sometimes straps can wear and lose strength. Check the bolts before sitting down and relaxing, as they may also need to be tightened.
  • What would our warm seasons be without a barbecue? Grilling is where the cooking happens in spring, summer, and fall for many of us. Make sure your BBQ is in good condition and it's safe and functional. No one wants to experience the letdown of planning a BBQ only to find out it isn't working correctly.
  • Turn on the water to outdoor faucets. Hook up the hose, and you are ready for anything from watering plants to running through a sprinkler. Yippee!
  • Pool season is not far behind once spring arrives. Consider what pool repairs may be needed when opening the pool for the summer season. Do you want to hire a pool maintenance expert? Reach out to your regular pool care professional or hire a new one. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, get your equipment ready before the summer weather hits.
  • Worn caulking on the exterior of your home can lead to water damage. It's best to get these repairs done early before a small job becomes a big one.

Add pizzazz with easy and inexpensive exterior spring home maintenance ideas:

Simple changes can make a big difference to your home's exterior appeal and increase the enjoyment of your home from spring through to fall.

  • New cushions for your patio furniture can boost visual appeal and comfort.
  • New flower pots, patio lights and other backyard features don't require a sizable investment and can quickly make a hum-drum yard look stunning.
  • Outdoor fireplaces can take many backyards to the next level. Prices for fireplaces vary, so doing some research is advised to ensure you get the one you want at a reasonable price.


We hope that this spring home maintenance checklist helps get you started with spring cleaning. Interior and exterior spring home maintenance enhances the enjoyment of your home, protects your residential investment and your home safety. Specific spring home maintenance tasks can also help with home insurance coverages and costs. It's definitely a win, win, win!

This content is written by our Morison Insurance team. All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information in this article, you do so at your own risk. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

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